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Be Untrainable (a post for my three boys) 

    Boys, there are some thing that I never want the world or anyone in the world to train out of you.  I watched all of you complete a triathlon on Sunday. Personally, I love how sports and being active can teach us about life.  I feel this to be particularly true about volleyball and Triathlon.  

                        OC- 5 years old 

    Volleyball will teach you how to deal with failures when they happen and get over them quickly.  It teaches you how to always work as a team and how to be a contributing team player, no matter the role assigned to you.  Volleyball will take you through a life full of emotions in only one match.  But oh, Triathlon, this teaches us even more about life.  

               CC – 8th birthday day 

    Triathlon teaches us so much about ourselves.  Three years ago, I wouldn’t even have considered doing one.  My mind was holding me back.  So that’s the biggest hurdle we need to overcome is our mind’s desire to hold us back from success and adventure.  With training, anyone can complete a swim, cycle and run triathlon.  

                      JC – 10 years old 

    Swimming in triathlon is a special part of the event because you can drown! Mentally, you need to overcome that thought of dying, overcome the affects of water and waves as well as “Just keep swimming!” as Dory likes to remind us to do.  Now, we get to cycling boys! The part of the event that could lead to injury.  Through contact with other racers or the road.  You may need to hold your composure with equipment failure or getting passed on the hills.  Always remember that the swim and cycle part are really getting you ready for the run.  Imagine the swim as your birth to elementary school years.   Cycling is that adventurous and fast teenage years.  The run is adult life. This is where the real magic happens.  Every little stroke in the water or on the bike has set you up for the run.  On the run one step at a time, you will need to focus. Neither looking back nor too far ahead.  The run, like life, is a time to savour and enjoy a race well done!  And you did this on Sunday!   You showed how you want to live your life and my prayer tonight is that no one will ever take these skills from you, all these skills that you exemplified during your triathlons.  




    Intrinsic motivation. 

    Deep feelings. 



    And oh did you love that Sun Rype buffet at the end! 

    Keep celebrating.  

    Keep being you.  

    Always be you! 

    Love your very proud Mama 

    Be Water-y

    Can we all agree that air and water are basic fundamentals for life? 

    Air, our bodies magically intake and expel it. 

    Water, on the other hand, is a process that we ourselves need to choose to consume. 

    A choice. 

    A small daily choice.  

    A choice. 

    That can add up to a lot.  

    Living giving. 




    Here’s my question this morning: Why do someone people choose not to consume water? 

    <insert your personal excuses here>

    Too busy.  

    Don’t like the taste. 

    I forget. 

    I don’t like buying water. 

    I don’t like drinking it warm. 

    These are the excuses I have personally heard. Any of these resonate for you? 

    As I walk with people on their health journeys to have more energy, shed some weight, perform better or age more youthfully, I always talk about water because most people are as dehydrated as the Arizona desert that I am currently visiting.   Most people don’t notice the incredible sources of water all around us, ready to be poured into our bodies. 

    I could go into the science behind our bodies and water.  I could tell you the percentage of water that makes up our bodies.  I could go on and on, but I won’t.  

    Here’s my heart for all people: 

    ⭐️ Drink half your body weight in ounces every day.  

    ⭐️ If you exercise, drink more. 

    ⭐️ If you drink coffee, tea or any type of soda, drink more as well.  

    Keep putting deposits of water into your body through the day and watch the beautiful returns on your investment you will receive.  

    More energy. 

    Glowing skin.  

    Better poops. 

    Less smelly urine. 

    Happy cells.  

    Glorious you!  

    May you be filled to overflowing on this super duper Saturday. 

    Smooch 😘 Joanna 

    Be The Reason, Not The Excuse

    “I don’t have time.”

    “My children are too little.”

    “My work is too difficult.”

    “I don’t have a bathing suit.”

    “My home is too far away.”

    Excuses pouring through our thoughts and out of our mouths.

    Another excuse to do something that you really want to do.

    At 6:15am this morning.

    My son taught me about the importance of turning my excuses into my reasons.

    At 6:15am this morning.

    Looking like this carrying his towel and goggles into the swimming pool:


    He had watched me compete in a triathlon on the weekend.

    He decided he wanted to start training too!

    At 6:15am.

    Imagine if I had used my children as an excuse not to train.

    Imagine if I would have used my busyness as an excuse not to sign-up.

    Imagine if I would have used my body as a excuse not to put my shoes or bathing suit on.

    My children, my life, my body are MY REASON!

    This is why I do what I do!

    What excuses will you choose to turn into your reasons?

    Imagine what possibilities could happen!


    Smooch, Joanna


    As always, feel free to join in on the action on Facebook! Share your reasons!

    Be a Super Nova 

    One more peruse of facebook as I lay my head down on the pillow.  

    One scroll. 

    One glimpse. 

    With shock and awe I read this incredible comment from Jodi who has just finished my book.  She told me she had to share this quote as it reminded her of me: 

    For any fellow human being to take the time to send me a quote, I am honoured. 

    I have had three beautiful peeps forward “word love” my way this week! 

    The greatest gift we can give each other is time.  

    Time to shine light.  

    Time to share inspiration. 

    Time to share words. 

    Time to be our sparkly star-shaped selves. 

    Time to pray and sit holding space with each other. 

    Time to embrace our ridiculous awesomeness. 

    Time to shine like a freaking supernova. 

    Love a duck! 

    A supernova. 


    Gotta love the “facebook love” as you lay your head down to sleep. 


    Be Finding Solace on Skis 

    Being present to what we are feeling and thinking takes awareness, especially during the holiday seasons.  

    It is easy to let time zip by in busyness, unaware of our body, mind and spirit.  It is easy to get wrapped up in wrapping just doing without being.  

    Holidays are often wrapped up in a beautiful package of past memories and experiences that create our present life.    In my book, I talk about my ‘be enough’ mindset and allowing myself space to care for my soul.    

    This year, I continue to unwrap past Christmas seasons, grieving the loss of my mom while being aware of my desire to create magical memories for my brood of boys.

    I chose to be enough by strapping on my sticks! Heading off in the early morning on cross country skiis, solo. Allowing the thoughts float on by, in silence, in beauty with birds chirping me on as I pass by.  

    I chose to be enough by strapping on my boards.  Heading off during the day on downhill skiis with my boys.  Allowing laughter to pour out, looking for jumps, in beauty with my boys hooting and hollering as I go by. 

    Creating space to be.  

    Exactly where I am.  

    In body, mind and spirit.  

    Finding solace on my skiis.  

    Being me.  


    Be on a Sunrise Ski 

    Two slender boards sliding through the powder.  

    A Labrador retriever frolicking at the end of a leather leash.  

    A happy mama taking time to be still while gliding through the snow.  


    Be still. 

    Be still and. 

    Be still and know. 

    Be still and know I. 

    Be still and know I am God. 

    Be still and know I am.  

    Be still and know I.  

    Be still and know. 

    Be still and. 

    Be still. 


    Be you.  

    Your strengths. 

    Your gifts.  

    Your talents. 

    Be present.  

    Be still within. 

    Be enough.     

    Side note:  I think this is one of the best parts of my early morning skiis, pajama-clad boys in the window.  

    May you have many beautiful smiles to come home to during this Christmas season. 


    Be Waiting not ONE single moment more…

    16 weeks ago I begin a challenge.

    The basics were take “before” photos, “after” photos, write an essay when you are done and put some products of your choice into your body using the business that I partner with.

    My choice.

    No other rules.

    No checklists.

    No counting.

    Just me, my dreams, my goals and making daily choices.

    I uploaded a quote from Ann Voskamp onto my phone:  

     I made a decision to move my body every day, except on rest days.  I ate in moderation and I used the scale and measurements to monitor my process.

    Thank you to everyone who supported me, accepted my new “routines”, joined me on the journey and coached me along the way.  This is life changing stuff…

    Pour into myself.

    Pour out to others.

    One relationship.

    One day.

    One beautiful imperfect life.


      How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. —Anne Frank

    Be Toasting the Roast

    Saturday morning here and you can imagine that it involves a pot of coffee brewing.  

    A wake-me up in a cup. 

    A sip of Java. 

    A morning toast to the roast. 

     We don’t all like coffee, but the smell is distinctive and very comforting.  

    And a coffee shop up at the Star ski hill can make you feel completely at home in winter or summer.    

    Be Hitting the Targets I Set!

    One of the best hockey players in the world, Wayne Gretzky, was once quoted as saying: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!”

    Before I wasn’t even in the game.

    I was working very hard.

    Going no where.

    I was floating.

    Listening to all the chatter around me.

    Now, I am listening to the still inner voice inside of ME.

    In my life right now I am taking a TON of shots.

    Saying “yes” to new opportunities.

    Being open to the possibilities.

    Allowing myself to feel deeply and go deeper still.

    This week, I was on the phone with M, someone that I have known for almost ten years… She is twenty-something and she is a FORCE.

    I was sharing with M my last sixteen week journey of setting goals and achieving them.

    Here is a photo of this first journey:


    Now after a very fun sixteen weeks of achieving many goals, I was in a quandary. Weight loss is no longer one of my MAJOR goals.  Hmmmmm… Now what?  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with this second challenge and I expressed my ‘unknowing’ to friend/business partner.

    Later in the day, she send me her ideas via text.   My ‘unknowing’ brought out a ‘knowledge’ in her that profoundly helped me and spurred me on.  Isn’t it awesome that she even thought of having “party tricks” as a goal!!


    Here is what I came up with because of her awesome inspiration:


    And here is me getting started to see where I am at: (It wasn’t pretty!)


    4 push-ups (the last one was with VERY shaky arms)

    No chin-ups (I could barely hang there for 2 seconds)

    And NOW I am off moving towards the targets that I set for myself.

    The ULTIMATE goal is to be the healthiest ME and live the most energetic, positive-infused days of my life with my brood of boys, family and incredible circle of friends.

    Be Asking One Question

    I truly believe I can help people.

    I never really ‘knew’ how.

    I never have felt that I could do enough as a teacher.

    In the church, I felt like I never had a gift or a talent.

    I could make a joyful noise to the Lord, but was never musical or led to anything else.

    Until last November, I didn’t know how I could SERVE other people in this world with love, and endless energy…

    Forty pounds overweight, still in deep grief over the loss of my mama that happened not a year previous, I asked my outdoor fitness trainer, Krista King, what I thought was a simple question: “Have you ever done a cleanse?”

    That question that was asked through my pain, my mud-pit of wave-crashing despair opened up a completely NEW world and pried open a completely OLD ME!

    Since that ONE conversation and the products she told me about, the layers have peeled back.

    I was LOST but am now FOUND!






    And yes, some residual income for my family.

    All just by making asking one question.

    And then making one choice.

    One choice for…


    The layers were peeled back and I saw:

    Ten year old me that loved to drink vanilla shakes every day.  NOW, I have the privilege to drink nutritious vanilla shakes EVERY day and maybe throw in some chocolate or strawberry, if I FEEL like it.

    Eighteen year old competitive volleyball player me who wanted to lead, but was surrounded by negative self-talk and unbelief. NOW, I believe in the power of me and am surrounded by positive people who believe in me, themselves and want to lead AND serve others around them.


    (I am #12 in the photo, gotta love those bum huggers)

    Twenty year old me who fought on the volleyball court to perform every weekend, but just could never pull it together for two matches because of the fuel in her body.  NOW, I have completed one triathlon and I truly know that my forty-one year old body can do ANYTHING.

    Thirty-nine years old, overweight, actually obese for my height, me, was using food to fill an empty hole.  I was looking for food to magically do “something”.  NOW, I have food that fuels me.  I have food that brings me freedom in thought and spirit through shake and cleanse days, protein bars, electrolyte drink and fifty MORE products.

    Forty-one years old, I have transformed my body, my mind and my spirit.  I have bought a bikini with confidence just because I can.  I have walked down the main street with no “noise” in my head about what I look like or how I feel about what I look like.


    I have helped myself and now I know that I can help people.   And yes, this product line does involve network marketing, which I love and you can read my blog about it here.

    With the company I am partnering with, the opportunities are endless.  Aging well, being healthier, having more energy, performing better, losing weight or adding a few bucks to your pockets to bless people with, the possibilities are limitless.

    I am humbled.

    I am grateful.

    I am ready to serve anyone that wants an opportunity like I was given just seven months ago.

    Don’t be afraid to take the time to listen to your body and its needs.

    Don’t be afraid to ask a question.

    One question changed my life!

    IMG_7995 IMG_7996

    1st photo: After my first cleanse in November… and still going strong seven months later.

    2nd photo: One week after my mom died.  (Who knows why I took this one?)