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Be Burning The “To Do” List

How many moments have I missed by the “to do” list that runs in my mind? 

 How many words have just floated by me as I stare at my “to do” list on the counter? 

 What am I missing when I attend to my ‘to do’s”? 

This endless list that gives me a perception that I am fruitful, productive and moving in the ‘right’ direction.  

Right now I choose: 

To stand still. 

Allowing time to float by. 

Having no schedule.  

Nothing “to do”. 

For a few days, I have the gift of sunburning the “to do’s” to the basics – food, water, sleep are the only necessities we have.  

 Time to notice. 

 A season of slowing down.

A time to play. 

A season to see.  

An opportunity to be.  




Human being. 



Be Having a Snowy Epiphany

More snow than in over seventy years.

First ‘snow’ day school closures in over forty years.

Days of snow falling.

Big thick snowy flakes pouring from the sky.

Great memories with friends and the three brothers playing together.

Hours upon hours of creativity and outside snow time.


/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/491/14178302/files/2015/01/img_7953.jpgIt has been a monumental Epiphany.

Nope, no epiphany for me today.

Another kind of Epiphany.

We are celebrating the twelfth day after Christmas that symbolizes the three wise men arriving from the East to worship the newborn King, Jesus.

Here’s the boys Epiphany play:

The wise men have spent the last weeks traveling from a faraway box land arriving in our bookshelf stable in Bethlehem.


We created three ice candles and placed them in our front yard, which is coincidently (or not) to the East of our home. We didn’t realize this was the East until JC pointed it out.


Sexy Neck read about the three Wise Men and we eventually talked about how we both came to know God personally in a private manner.

My beginnings with God began, coincidently, with a writing journal in my bedroom and for Sexy Neck, he came to know God through snow. Another coincidence?  Hmmmm….

It was a privilege to celebrate Epiphany today and it is an even larger privilege to know a personal God where snow is the gift of “Epiphany”.


Be Alive (2014)

Being alive is not only the opposite of being dead.

Being alive is also ALERT and ACTIVE



In the last year, my life has being painfully touched with the cycle of life and death.

I have tasted the acidity of death.

I have reflected on the sweet life lived by my precious mom.

As I think about 2014, which started five days after my mom’s death, I am acutely aware that my year could have been different without the prayer of my “people”, the presence of some very wise souls and my brood of boys that surround me.

I would not have survived without these “Saints”!


(Yup, that’s me on the right after our workout!) 

With my whole heart, mind and soul, I want to shout:



God is ACTIVE all around me.

Working things out for His good.

Helping me see His ways.

Allowing me the privilege to taste life anew.

Savouring each workout with incredible women in His creation.

Doing things for the first time, things I thought I would NEVER do.

Enjoying every moment with people I love and adore.


I am grateful to be ALIVE.

Be Remembering Mom(New Year Goals)

This journey through cancer with my mom has been a rich and horrific time. Watching my mom deal with pain on a daily basis, seeing her fortitude to choke back elephant size pills (we both hate taking pills!) and all of us trying to figure out what to do to help when there is really nothing you can do stretched me beyond my limits most days.


Today, my journey has been to look through old photos to try to remember what my beautiful mom looked like pre-cancer.

The light in my mom’s eyes never faded. They were strong and clear and loving until the last morning when she said, “Hi” to me. Her muscles atrophied and her weight faded, but her determination did not. Every day she set a goal for herself, some days it was just to eat more protein, others it was to put one foot on the floor beside her bed and lastly it was to have that one drink of thirst-quenching water.


What goals do you have for this New Year?

My goals are simple:

– Live one day at a time.

– Look into the eyes around me.

– Live my life with determination, just like my mom.


I love you Mama. I miss you dearly and I can’t imagine my life without you. BUT I have learned a lot from you and I take these things into my new year. I love you Mama. I miss you so much.

Winter-spring 2008 223 IMG_0011 IMG_1137 IMG_1143

Be a Beginner

I am always amazed at watching my 5, 3 and 1 year old boys.  They are always trying something new, trying to figure something out, moving around, climbing on things and generally just moving through their world in a different way each day.  I was inspired!

I decided that my three goals for this year are to laugh more, love more and make more mistakes.  My type A personality loves the t’s crossed neatly if you know what I mean.

So, today I tried to include all three of these goals into one activity: Zumba!  A year or two ago I said that I would never try Zumba and that I would never join a gym again… well never say never people!  I did both of those things this morning.  My very wise neighbour had, over time, convinced me that I should try Zumba.

IT WAS INCREDIBLE!  It was fun, I made a fool of myself and I got some great exercise.  It was one activity where I had to solely focus on what I was doing. I couldn’t worry about the boys at home, what I was going to cook for dinner or the pile of laundry.

Here is an image that I got off the web that sums up the experience for me:

Now off to have a rest, I am sore!

What are you going to do this year to “be a beginner”?  What new pathways are you going to create in your brain?