Be Within

When the storm roars around you.

Stay within.

When words come furiously your way, like the wind.

Go within.

Allow yourself to sit with your sadness, your deepest feelings.

Be within.

Previously, I would blow like the wind in a soft summer’s breeze.

Any words said with blame, shame, anger or hurt would topple me over.

Now, I know that I can “be within”.

Within myself.

Knowing my great failures and great strengths.

Knowing my wrongs and my rights.

Fully awake and knowing myself.

Within myself.

Previously, I would run like the wind not allowing myself to see my wrongs nor my greatness.

I tried to run life along the fence, neither swaying to the right nor the left.

But ALWAYS trying to do the right thing.

Within myself.

The struggle was fierce.

Trying to do the “right” thing in everyone’s eyes.

This took a lot of work.

Within myself. IMG_6433[1]

NOW, I have found freedom.

Within myself.

Freedom to be me.

Allowing the words blown at me to topple me over, feeling them deeply as I always will.

Allowing them to float by like that summer’s breeze.

Allowing the fence to be a place of doing cartwheels, of being silly and not being perfect  (and, of course, sometimes falling off).

My VISION is freedom.

My tears flow.

My message is deep.

My words are clear.

Stay within.

Go within.

Be within.


Glory to God alone.

(Photo credits to 4 year old OC!)