My kindergartener came home yesterday and insisted that CC put on the same t-shirt as him, then started yelling out “1, 2, 3 BFF unite!”.

 I asked him who he was playing with at lunch today and he responded, “Paige!”  Yes, I guessed that.    

When daddy arrived home two hours later, the boys were still chanting, “1, 2, 3, BFF unite!” 

Sexy Neck worked with the boys to change it to “Best Brothers Forever!” and they were off.

This is our prayer and dream for our boys, that they will be three strands of leather, intertwined, flexible, but never to be broken.  “BBF’s unite!”


Our middle guy walking by the outdoor hockey rink to preschool with his baby brother. 

(3 years old and 18 months old) 

Be Remembering

I remember running in fear to and from the stop sign,

searching, looking for the boogie man.

I remember monsters lurking under my bed and around every

corner and in every closet.

I remember fire, falling and blindness in my dreams,

sometimes I still remember those.

I remember being trapped in a bin, outside the house,

in closets, in darkness.

I remember being shut out, turned from, not listened to,

I ran away alone.

I remember sleepovers I didn’t want to be at,

many I came home from.

I remember feelings of discomfort, judgement, inability to live up to expectations,

oh ya, I still have those.

I remember fearing alcohol, the effect on my body and others.

I remember preaching abstinence from it.

NOW I know in my body the light,

I remember God’s light shining in my basement bedroom in 1995,

I remember God’s love, His acceptance, His peace, His kindness, His grace.

I remember His ways are not my ways.  Everything doesn’t have to make sense.

I remember God is who He says He is in the bible, in nature, in wise people around me.

I remember the fragrance of heaven surrounding me.

I remember to trust, let go of performance and to REST.

I remember the FoRest, by the pond where God meets me.

I remember His word is alive and active in ME… yup me.

I remember to swing and to allow God to push me.  Swing Joanna!

I remember that I will be healed in 2013.  Glory, Hallelujah.  Thank you Jesus.

My Favourite Song to end off this post:

Be a Neighbour

I am in shock that someone could make a homemade bomb to hurt citizens, athletes, and spectators at the Boston Marathon.  I doesn’t make sense.  It is cruel, hurtful and evil.  I am in despair and I feel very sad.

What can I do? How can I help?

I feel hopeless, but then I realize that there are people all around me.  People hurting, people needing support and I know that I can do only one thing in this moment of sadness:

I can be a neighbour.

I believe in my heart that if we really knew our neighbours, our world would be a better place.  If we took the time to really LOVE and understand our neighbours.  If we took the time to listen and care, we would not have so many human beings that feel so disconnected from each other.  Many people willing to kill each other.

In my despair, I stand on my soapbox and ask, could be a neighbour?


Our neighbour pumpkin carving night! 

Here is what being a neighbour means to our family, on our street, in our small town:

  • Give your neighbours your phone number. (Once you get to know them.)
  • Lend them things – we tend to lend out a ton of baby/kids stuff.  Imagine that!
  • Borrow things from them – ask for some milk or a couple of eggs
  • Get to know your neighbours.  We know everyone on our block as well as their parents, grandchildren and a few aunts and uncles.
  • Ask the neighbourhood kids to walk your dog or take care of the lawn.  It gives them purpose and value.  (If they don’t accept, don’t worry.  Keep asking!)
  • Drop off some cookies or a candy bar or a pizza if you know someone in the neighbourhood is sick.  Nothing fancy, just something from your family.
  • Celebrate special events: I know people do block parties (we aren’t that fancy), but we do have card nights, BBQ’s and I have even hosted a yoga class in my living room.
  • And our personal favourite for our street: If someone walks down the road, say hello and smile.  Simple and sweet!

I think being a neighbour also involves someone being in the home during the day.  I think if more families had a parent at home (at least part time), many of our North American problems would disappear.  Perhaps even huge bombing (and future bombings and shootings ) like the Boston Marathon Tragedy could have been prevented.

Be A Worker

I live with three little men and one big one.

I am immersed with strange noises, tree climbing and nightly wrestling sessions on a daily basis.

I haven’t quite figured this whole ‘boy’ thing out yet, but I read a ton of books about boys and spend many hours observing my blessed, interesting, little men.

This morning was a light bulb moment.

My men love to WORK.

If there is a job to be done, it is done. If there is wood to be moved it is carried together while singing. If a machine is being worked on, my little men are there.

Amazing! I love my little workers! Well done this morning boys!



Be A Scooper

It is Taco Tuesday at our house!  What are you having for dinner?

Sexy Neck is at work so the meal has to be simple.  We usually have tacos on Tuesday, but when daddy is away it becomes DIY dinner.

It is a simple meal that the boys can make themselves: Scoops, meat and beans that I have cooked earlier in the day with salsa, add some cheese and avocado.  Put in the oven at 350 degrees for 5 minutes.  Add some fresh veggies and humous.  Viola c’est fini.




Be Brilliant with Bags

Do you often look at an idea and wonder “Why didn’t I think of that!”

We have family visiting this weekend to celebrate our oldest sixth (yikes!) birthday as well as Sexy Neck’s brother’s birthday all on the same day.

Steve’s brother and his wife arrived with their two children, bikes and clothing. I didn’t know how they all fit!

Now I do! These two brilliant, creative people didn’t use suitcases.
Why not? They used flexible, compact, squishable grocery bags.



Awesome! I am stealing this idea.

One bag per person and still room for the cheesies stashed up front.

Also, I have to say thanks to Sexy Neck for another amazing chalk birthday mural. Checkout one of my first posts called Be A Man on September 27th.