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Be Remembering

I remember running in fear to and from the stop sign,

searching, looking for the boogie man.

I remember monsters lurking under my bed and around every

corner and in every closet.

I remember fire, falling and blindness in my dreams,

sometimes I still remember those.

I remember being trapped in a bin, outside the house,

in closets, in darkness.

I remember being shut out, turned from, not listened to,

I ran away alone.

I remember sleepovers I didn’t want to be at,

many I came home from.

I remember feelings of discomfort, judgement, inability to live up to expectations,

oh ya, I still have those.

I remember fearing alcohol, the effect on my body and others.

I remember preaching abstinence from it.

NOW I know in my body the light,

I remember God’s light shining in my basement bedroom in 1995,

I remember God’s love, His acceptance, His peace, His kindness, His grace.

I remember His ways are not my ways.  Everything doesn’t have to make sense.

I remember God is who He says He is in the bible, in nature, in wise people around me.

I remember the fragrance of heaven surrounding me.

I remember to trust, let go of performance and to REST.

I remember the FoRest, by the pond where God meets me.

I remember His word is alive and active in ME… yup me.

I remember to swing and to allow God to push me.  Swing Joanna!

I remember that I will be healed in 2013.  Glory, Hallelujah.  Thank you Jesus.

My Favourite Song to end off this post:


Be A Reuser

After an autumn of yard cleaning

(remember this post: https://beenough.wordpress.com/2012/11/11/be-a-leaf-gatherer/)

and a winter of decluttering, our trailer is full!  It is ready to go to the garbage dump.

Our eldest was looking in our trailer, that cost us two bottles of wine, the other day, eyeing up our Christmas tree, the old laundry sink and a few other treasures.

Suddenly, he reached in and pulled out an old tire.  He asked his dad for some rope and he was off.  With a bit of cajoling from dad, they worked together to create this:


JC, you are incredibly thoughtful and full of ideas.  Your brothers and friends have had an incredible time on our new tire swing!  CC, thanks for helping your brother and for enjoying the ride.