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Be A Reuser

After an autumn of yard cleaning

(remember this post: https://beenough.wordpress.com/2012/11/11/be-a-leaf-gatherer/)

and a winter of decluttering, our trailer is full!  It is ready to go to the garbage dump.

Our eldest was looking in our trailer, that cost us two bottles of wine, the other day, eyeing up our Christmas tree, the old laundry sink and a few other treasures.

Suddenly, he reached in and pulled out an old tire.  He asked his dad for some rope and he was off.  With a bit of cajoling from dad, they worked together to create this:


JC, you are incredibly thoughtful and full of ideas.  Your brothers and friends have had an incredible time on our new tire swing!  CC, thanks for helping your brother and for enjoying the ride.