Be Going In for Surgery

Mom goes to VGH tomorrow (Halloween Day) at 5:45am. She is scheduled for surgery with Dr. Lee at around 7:00am.

They are taking all the cancer and a few organs as well.

The surgeon has said she will be in the hospital for two nights.

My prayer for my beautiful mama:

Mom, may you feel peace as you walk into one of your least favourite places.

May you feel God guiding you with kindness and love through Dad and M your side.

May you sense our love and prayers from ALL of us far away.

May the doctors and nurses have smooth hands and sharp eyes.

May we all see a miracle through you, through this surgery and through the last three chemos.

Mom you are a wonder to me every day – your unconditional love, your kindness, your work ethic, your support for me and my boys.

I love you mom! Heal quickly and see you at home next week.

In Jesus’ mighty and healing name I pray all these things. Amen.

Be Carving Pumpkins

We had our third annual pumpkin carving on the weekend and I couldn’t resist sharing the photos. Our old friends and neighbours from the old hood drove down to carve with us

It was a time full of laughter and creativity. It was amazing to see our boys working with other adults. We provide the appetizers and the space, everyone else brings their pumpkins and tools. The oldest two boys even did most of their carving this year.







This years appetizers were roasted pumpkin seeds, spicy pepperoni, feta stuffed olives, Camembert cheese, crackers, crackers and caramel corn.

Be Staying

Deep within myself a pain wells up.

My lungs ache from coughing.

But this is nothing compared to seeing my mom going south for surgery.

On Halloween, they will cut her open and remove the cancer.

I had a plan.

Many plans.

Haven’t you?

Tomorrow, I will do this and that.

The next day we will go south.

In the book of Isaiah 55 it says:
8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.
9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

I tried to find a way to go.

I wanted to figure it out.

My body had other plans.

I choose to stay and rest.

I stay.

I am devastated.

I support with prayer and love.

I allow my body to heal.

I trust.

I know God has us all in the palm of His hand.

I stay.

I watch mom and dad go with tears welling up.


Be Recounting the Past to Live in the Presence

October, 2012- Sexy Neck tears his Achilles & has surgery

November, 2012 – Move our family to a rented basement suite closer to Sexy Neck’s work

February, 2013 – Sell house (in a day!)

March, April, 2013 – Pack house and clean

May, 2013 – Move stuff into storage container and garage of new house.
Live with my parents while renovating new house

July, 2013 – Move into new house. Next day mom is diagnosed with cancer.

August, 2013 – Mom spends 17 days in hospital enduring acides (from cancer) bowel obstruction, dehydration and a blood clot in her lung. Oh ya, she also started chemo.

September, 2013 – Boys start new schools and new activities in new city.

October, 2013 – Pneumonia! Whew!







Crackly breath.




Nothing else I can do!

Be Having Some Hideouts

My boys are incredibly creative when they are outside. They seem to go with themes, sticking with them for a month or two then they move on to something else. ( uHmmm… Might be interesting to think about as we school our boys.)

We have gone through swinging, soccer, bugs, tree climbing, treasure hunting, obstacle course making and probably a few other I am forgetting.
Here’s one of their most adventurous creations.

Right now they will look at something and immediately see “hideout”! I am letting them go with it. So far nothing has been destroyed, demolished or hurt in the process of their outside fort making.

Here are four new hideouts they have discovered in the last month:

Under the front stairs.

Under the side stairs.

Underneath the juniper beside the pool deck.

They spent hours pruning the juniper so that they could all fit underneath.

This is their latest hideout and I was the ‘bad guy’!

Lets just say they were pretty easy to catch.


Be Creating a Nature Basket

My boys and I love to be outside: walking, biking, scootering, playing, creating… (Be sure to check out tomorrow’s post!)

After having pocketful of rocks and handfuls of acorns, I decided we needed to have somewhere to put these ‘treasures’.

We brought up a basket that now sits on the kitchen table. We have a proud place for our autumn treasures and I know that this picking up of treasures is only for a short ‘season’ of life.


I keep thinking about our winter treasures and how to modify the basket. Perhaps we will have to keep it in the freezer.

Be a Sheriff

Every Thursday in the month of October, Sexy Neck’s school has a theme day.

Yesterday was cowboy day:


Sexy Neck went as a Sheriff. It was very fitting for his job as a Vice Principal.

We all loved helping him get dressed up with the boys costume badge, red bandana and even a new pair of plastic handcuffs.

But he wouldn’t wear the moustache because he felt the students wouldn’t take him seriously.

Would you?

Here’s Steve with the office staff: