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Be Changing Your Colours 

The bright beautiful colours of autumn are surrounding us.

The colours express that change is in the air.

The greens transforming into yellows, oranges and firey reds.

The colours shout of our amazing earth, the vibrant life that we can live.

If we choose.

Change is life.

We will find health in the midst of sickness and find other likeminded people along the way.

Embrace it.

We will find quiet in the noise.

Seek it.

We can find solace in the chaos.

Allow it.

Don’t judge.

Just be.

As the colours begin to change and in honour of my country’s new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, may we embrace our new change of colours during this autumn season.

With one hundred percent responsibility of our words and actions.

With change in the air swirling all around us.



Firey Red.

Embracing change with all that we are.

This post is written humbly in honour of a beautiful friend who went through a biopsy today and another amazing friend who sits at her mom’s side in the same hospital as well as my incredible teammate who supports her parents through many changes.

Be Counting Time?


We are fortunate to have four, well-rounded seasons in our part of the world.

They flow easily and gently through beautiful hot summers, into a cool, colourful autumn, then a crisp, snowy winter and a mild, life-giving spring.

Can you feel the change in the air right now during this season?

It is almost as though now should be the new year.

The greatest gift of these seasons we are given each and every year, consistently without question is that we are all given the gift of the same amount of time.

No less than another and no more.

What will you do with this gift of your time during this new season?

Will you make your time count or just count the time?

You can choose.

No excuses.

It is your gift.

The seasons come.

Time goes.

Be enough.

Be Living in the Gift of Grief

Every day change occurs.

Inside and outside of myself.

Whether I like it or not.

Seasons change.

People change.

Decisions are made.

Babies are born.

People die.

I am not where I was or who I was a year ago even though I relive last year every day.

Surgery for mom.

Hospital trips.

Watching her in pain.

Watching her die and not even knowing it.

Now I know.

Now I see.

Now I feel.

The numbness is gone.

I live in unbearable pain every day.






I also live with unimaginable gratitude every day.





The gift of grief!

I soak in my book club women’s smiles, ideas, disagreements and laughter.

I slow down and look.

Really look.

The ability to see and feel the autumn leaves changing is a time to rejoice.
Being able to walk under a bright red umbrella of leaves makes me stop. IMG_6868.JPG
Listening to the scrunch, crunch, munch of leaves under three year old OC’s tires as he madly pedals his two wheel bike makes me smile and giggle.

And playing in the leaves with my boys is one of the sweetest moments in these last deep, dark weeks.



What will you notice today?

Who will you choose to spend your time with?

The gift of life!







Be Creating a Nature Basket

My boys and I love to be outside: walking, biking, scootering, playing, creating… (Be sure to check out tomorrow’s post!)

After having pocketful of rocks and handfuls of acorns, I decided we needed to have somewhere to put these ‘treasures’.

We brought up a basket that now sits on the kitchen table. We have a proud place for our autumn treasures and I know that this picking up of treasures is only for a short ‘season’ of life.


I keep thinking about our winter treasures and how to modify the basket. Perhaps we will have to keep it in the freezer.

Be Loving Autumn Leaves

I love autumn!

Today, this quote below inspired me and spurred me on as we endure this season of change in our lives.

We humans have a lot to learn from autumn trees. No one of us wants to be so surrendered, so vulnerable to winter as the October trees. Yet each of us, if we are truly open to growth and change, will experience this in our inner lives…New growth means change.”
• Joyce Rupp, Fresh Bread

Our neighbours tree:


JC’s Autumn Blaze Maple
*CC’s hasn’t changed colour yet and we haven’t planted OC’s yet.


A tree in front of JC’s pod at school.

A tree on the playground in front of CC’s preschool.