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Be Catching What Tony Robbins was Throwing 

I am unique. 

You are unique. 

Our worst days can become our most SHINING moments! 

We can live a beautiful life! 

Thank you Tony Robbins for these life altering, state changing facts.  When I sat, danced, screamed and sang alongside 15,000 other awake people last week only a baseball throw from Tony Robbins my body and mind changed on a cellular level.  

My family has noticed it. My friends have felt it.  My God had acknowledged it.  







This isn’t about motivation or will power or trying to push ourselves to “get over stuff” or be better!   

It is about embracing our suffering, changing gratitude for fear and living in a playful, joyful high energy state.  It’s about creating and living in a beautiful state every moment of ever day. 

Can you imagine it? 

Does this sound like an exciting, beautiful life?  

It is! 

Completely a wondrous world seen with new eyes. 

A world where challenges happen and I can use the Tony Robbins response, “Isn’t that fascinating?” Try that one on for size next time things don’t go your way and watch your heart rate not even skip a beat. 

Isn’t that fascinating?  

I now live in a state of pure determination, high energy, not fuelled by will power, while living in a beautiful state for me, JJ! 

It’s not about stuff, big houses or shiny cars. 

It is about people. 

For me. 





Dating my man, Sexy Neck, every single day! 

Being fully present with my boys as my phone sits in a handmade Lego box with a phone charger included. 

 Listening to my Peeps needs, meeting them where they are and sharing all that I am learning especially what Tony Robbins is all about. 

I live in effortless ease.  

With discipline with my food, movement and phone.  

The three keys for me.  

I upgrading my inner home every day. 


With support. 

Bringing sexy back.  

If you want to feel what Tony’s all about. Let’s chat… because I am more than happy to keep the ball rolling. 

A beautiful state. 

Using motion for emotion.  

In gratitude. 

For all that I have.  

And for all that I am going to do!

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Be Getting Messy 

God embraces mess.I embrace mess. 





Look at the tree branches. 

How moss grows 

And water flows. 
Look at the mess. 

No straight lines.  

Only curves and twists. 

It is so enchanting! 


Keep looking deep within. 

Feel the mess inside. 

No more perfection. 

No more square corners. 

No more self-imposed rules.   

Colouring outside the lines. 

Broken crayons. 

Using what I have. 

Where I am. 

Amongst the mess. 


Being open to the flow. 

Freedom to go. 

Where I don’t know. 

Embracing the mess! 

Be Leaning into a New Season

When you find change happening all around you,

Lean in.

When you create change in your life,

Lean in.

When you find yourself grieving a great loss,

Lean in.

Lean in to those who love, support and encourage you.

We don’t need to get crazy busy, decide to renovate our homes and put our heads down in futility,

Lean in.

We don’t need to create a “to-do” list that even Martha Stewart and her team couldn’t conquer,

Lean in.

We don’t need to stuff our faces, fill our throats with alcohol or mutter words of negativity to everyone we see.

Lean in.

Lean in to those habits that lift you up, bring you energy, and help you adapt.

Lean in to the five people that will help you.











Leaning in.


Lean in to a new season.

Allow the leaves to change.

The acorns to fall.

The bulbs to be planted and enjoyed during a new season to come.

Whether we want it or not, seasons will change.

Choose to lean in.

Be Living in the Gift of Grief

Every day change occurs.

Inside and outside of myself.

Whether I like it or not.

Seasons change.

People change.

Decisions are made.

Babies are born.

People die.

I am not where I was or who I was a year ago even though I relive last year every day.

Surgery for mom.

Hospital trips.

Watching her in pain.

Watching her die and not even knowing it.

Now I know.

Now I see.

Now I feel.

The numbness is gone.

I live in unbearable pain every day.






I also live with unimaginable gratitude every day.





The gift of grief!

I soak in my book club women’s smiles, ideas, disagreements and laughter.

I slow down and look.

Really look.

The ability to see and feel the autumn leaves changing is a time to rejoice.
Being able to walk under a bright red umbrella of leaves makes me stop. IMG_6868.JPG
Listening to the scrunch, crunch, munch of leaves under three year old OC’s tires as he madly pedals his two wheel bike makes me smile and giggle.

And playing in the leaves with my boys is one of the sweetest moments in these last deep, dark weeks.



What will you notice today?

Who will you choose to spend your time with?

The gift of life!







Be Eating Gummy Bear Soup

Whenever change occurs we have an opportunity to go with it or rebel against it.
For some strange reason I enjoy change and look forward to seeing what will unfold. I do grieve and grumble some losses deeply but most I can see the good and keep on moving. Like the autumn leaves, I embrace the change of seasons.

Since my mom has been healing from cancer, she has been provided with a variety of food and drink that do not normally adorn her refrigerator. You are probably wondering how this affects me.

One of the changes that has occurred for me is that I have become the next stop for these interesting food and drink. My parents don’t like throwing things away.

I hadn’t realized how my own refrigerator contents have changed post-cancer diagnosis until today.

I pulled out a plastic container given to me from my dad and opened the lid. Our four year old guy was standing beside me and started to jump up and down. He then exclaimed, “Mom, look gummy bear soup!”


I responded, “Yup, sure looks like it!” (And probably had as much sugar!).

The gelatin wasn’t a hit for lunch, even though we called it gummy bear soup.


Now can someone please tell me what to do with my pomegranate juice, pure cranberry juice, prune juice and coconut water. These aren’t big sellers in our household of water drinkers.


Be Loving Autumn Leaves

I love autumn!

Today, this quote below inspired me and spurred me on as we endure this season of change in our lives.

We humans have a lot to learn from autumn trees. No one of us wants to be so surrendered, so vulnerable to winter as the October trees. Yet each of us, if we are truly open to growth and change, will experience this in our inner lives…New growth means change.”
• Joyce Rupp, Fresh Bread

Our neighbours tree:


JC’s Autumn Blaze Maple
*CC’s hasn’t changed colour yet and we haven’t planted OC’s yet.


A tree in front of JC’s pod at school.

A tree on the playground in front of CC’s preschool.


Be Enjoying A Move From A Small Town To THE Big City

We have moved! After two months and fourteen days of living in my awesome parent’s basement while doing renovations, our family of five and all our stuff has arrived at the new house.

Bye bye twenty foot storage container


Hello to life with a swimming pool


Yum for cheaper sushi. Our family’s favourite food! JC even ate Miso soup with me.


Yeah for new discoveries: a frozen yogurt buffet where you choose from twenty different frozen yogurts, add a topping if you want, then weigh it to find out the damage.


Now to just get everything into their rooms in a somewhat organized fashion.


Stay tuned!