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Be on a 450 Day Streak with Duolingo

Schönen donnerstag

Today marks the day where I have been logging into the Duolingo App to practice my German for 450 days in a row. Almost 15 months of daily practice for at least 5 minutes that has moved me through 23 different lessons on various topics in German. One restriction with my practice is that I have the free account and thus only have “five hearts” per day to work through my lessons. Yup, no paid app that would allow me to have unlimited practice. This means that if I get more than five answers wrong, I have to stop my practice and login later in the day to complete my practice, with usually only 2-3 hearts.

Now, this milestone has me thinking: What other daily habits could I instil into my life and consistently do for 450 days?

Healthy, clean eating? This would be amazing.

Drink a minimum of 4 cups of water? My body would love this.

Get into bed by 10:00pm each night? Ohhh, that would delicious.

Are there free apps for all these things?

I do love the game that Duolingo creates in my mind and I love keeping up with my streak. Why did I decide to use the App? Many of my students use Duolingo to help them develop their second language skills. I was super curious to see how the lessons worked and soon after I started in December 2022, I was hooked. My ultimate goal is to get back to Germany and have a conversation in German with my best friend and her children.

Cheers to streaks of healthy habits!

Have a beautiful Thursday and love what you do.

xoxox Joanna

Be Waiting not ONE single moment more…

16 weeks ago I begin a challenge.

The basics were take “before” photos, “after” photos, write an essay when you are done and put some products of your choice into your body using the business that I partner with.

My choice.

No other rules.

No checklists.

No counting.

Just me, my dreams, my goals and making daily choices.

I uploaded a quote from Ann Voskamp onto my phone:  

 I made a decision to move my body every day, except on rest days.  I ate in moderation and I used the scale and measurements to monitor my process.

Thank you to everyone who supported me, accepted my new “routines”, joined me on the journey and coached me along the way.  This is life changing stuff…

Pour into myself.

Pour out to others.

One relationship.

One day.

One beautiful imperfect life.


  How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. —Anne Frank

Be Leaning into a New Season

When you find change happening all around you,

Lean in.

When you create change in your life,

Lean in.

When you find yourself grieving a great loss,

Lean in.

Lean in to those who love, support and encourage you.

We don’t need to get crazy busy, decide to renovate our homes and put our heads down in futility,

Lean in.

We don’t need to create a “to-do” list that even Martha Stewart and her team couldn’t conquer,

Lean in.

We don’t need to stuff our faces, fill our throats with alcohol or mutter words of negativity to everyone we see.

Lean in.

Lean in to those habits that lift you up, bring you energy, and help you adapt.

Lean in to the five people that will help you.











Leaning in.


Lean in to a new season.

Allow the leaves to change.

The acorns to fall.

The bulbs to be planted and enjoyed during a new season to come.

Whether we want it or not, seasons will change.

Choose to lean in.

Be A Recovering Food Addict

Most days, I don’t know what to call myself, today it is clear. I am a food addict.

I drink a glass of wine or two a week. Beer and hard liquor isn’t my thing.

I don’t do drugs, nor enjoy seeing or smelling people on drugs.

I could become a gambler if I wasn’t so cheap… but I am cheap!

I don’t like taking pills nor going to the doctor so prescription drugs would be hard to get addicted to.

My drug of choice is food! I am a food addict.

I think about food constantly, what we are going to eat, when are we going to eat, who is hungry (my boys are always hungry). I am starting to enjoy cooking more, enjoying the process more and allowing myself the ability to throw a bad recipe into the garbage. (Note, do not ever make peanut butter cookies with sunbutter – yuck!)

I often cruise through the kitchen grabbing something to graze on. Come take a look at my grazing cupboard in the picture below. It is packed full of treats: nuts, dark chocolate chips, crackers, dried fruit. Oh ya, I have to include cookie dough in my food addiction too! I love that stuff. YUM!


Yes, that is our dog’s nose checking out the cupboard too! Everyone loves it!

I am not sure why I am constantly cruising through the kitchen: habit, boredom or trying to fill some deep-seeded need inside of me. The verdict is still out. I will let you know.

BUT alas, there is hope! I did have a very interesting book jump off the shelf at the library the other day. I am going to hop off this computer right now and start reading it. Here is the book inside my other favourite place to graze: