Be Going to the Fall Fair

Yes, I know it’s still summer, but anytime our family goes to a fair involving rides, 4H and cotton candy we call it a Fall Fair. Growing up the fair was at the beginning of August, yet it was still called the Fall Fair.
How curious.

I am a sucker for babies and breast feeding moms.

Usually it’s my mom, Nana, that escorts us to the fall fair. She tells stories about life on the farm and her amazing days in 4H. The sights and smells bring out her already incredible retired Librarian storytelling abilities. Next year, Nana AND Papa are going to join us.

Today, Nana sent Papa to hangout with us. He is OC’s main man, so OC was a very happy little boy.







I even enjoyed the Ferris wheel with my boys this year. Yes, there are a lot of shifts happening for our family this summer.


I never splurge on face painting and horse rides. But I finally understand my parents philosophy of enjoying the special things that only happen once a year because they really do only happen once a year!





OC wasn’t too sure about the petting zoo. Can you tell by his death grip?

Life is precious my friends.
Treasure the day like a gift.
Unwrap it with your heart.

Be Playing Chess

As we unpack boxes, we have unearthed treasures that we never even unpacked in our second house. (This is our third and hopefully our last move for a long time.)

JC found the chess board we bought in Budapest, Hungary in 2002. We agonized over the purchase because of the cost and the size. It was worth every Hungarian Forint.

Sexy Neck and I used to play chess, cards or backgammon every night after dinner while living overseas, unless there was something good on BBC.

JC has revitalized this after dinner tradition of game playing. CC likes to partner with me to help take JC’s pieces.


Game on!

Be Epic (my 200th post)

Usually I look for these large moments to propel me forward. I have large emotions, lofty thoughts to go with my tall six foot frame and strong personality.

I have been mulling over my 200th post for awhile now as I knew it was coming soon. The purpose of this blog has always been to help me stay in the moment with my boys. Motherhood can be a tad bit overwhelming at times.

Today is the day for my 200th post and I have to say that we had a giant day today, maybe even epic as some people would describe.

It is the profoundness of the little things that describe epic to me.

Fourteen stairs.
Fourteen hurdles.
Fourteen opportunities for triumph. Fourteen steps I wondered if my mom would take fourteen days ago.


She did it!


Be epic today.


My mom is.

Be Surrounded By God At The Skateboard Park

Before I had my boys, I was never one to frequent the skateboard park.

As I stood at the park today, I realize I was afraid of them because they were an unknown entity. I had a lot of fears as I have gone through my life, but now with mom’s cancer diagnosis, time in the hospital and journey home, these fears are insignificant.

Today, I chose to take my boys to the skateboard park. And not only did I get to see my boys rip around the park in the rain, but God showed me His sovereign love.

God’s love was expressed through the boys freedom to try new things, the grace they give each other when something goes ‘wrong’, and the joy that flows through them as they zip around the park.





I don’t doubt that these words were put down in the bottom of the skateboard ramp were put there for me on this day. I also don’t doubt that the only way I can walk through these days is because of the prayers of the saints that walk this earth with me – thank you my saints!



“Faith. Hope. Love. You are loved!” Thanks for the reminder.

Be Biking 3.9 kilometres

We have three very active boys. Hmmm… I wonder where they get that from?

In our new house, we have been eating dinner around 5:30pm as Sexy Neck is home a whole hour earlier.

After dinner we have gotten into the habit of going outside to either swim or bike

Tonight we opted for both. The big boys, ages four and six, rode their bikes 3.9 kilometres all the way from our house to City Park. We rode about ninety percent of the way on a bike path or shared path. We didn’t run into any poles tonight. Poor JC did last week!


They even had time for a sunset dip in the lake.


I think I really like this town!

Mom is home!

We just received a text from our big cousin holding down the fort in Vtown:

“Nana has left the building!!!!”

Mom is making her way back to her beautiful home and garden. Dad is her sidekick helping her on the journey ahead.

At home, they have a nurse coming in every day to check mom’s vitals, blister packs of pain killers and anti-nausea meds, a new chair for hanging out, a cleaner coming every couple of weeks and everyone ready to help out as needed.

My dad has also taken a cooking course and made his first chicken broth from scratch as well he has learned how to give mom a needle. Go dad!

Next chemo is on September 3rd. Enjoy being home Mama!

Pictures coming soon. I just had to share the news.

Be Asking For Help

I have a hard time asking for help. Whew, I said it!

Until recently I have viewed asking for help as a sign of my own incompetence or a sign of weakness. Really, I should be able to do it all right?

Now I don’t give a shit. I am completely humbled and gobsmacked by this whole thing.

Yup I haven’t shaved my legs since my mom went into the hospital and I don’t care.

I don’t have the energy to really do more than care for my family, a few close friends, spend time with my mom and pray. Sorry everything else is bonus.

So in a moment of weakness, at least that’s how I perceived it. I sent out an email to ask for help.

And was I ever blown away – people offering to let us stay in their house, hospital toys for the boys, friends stopping in to our new house with new pool toys and special salad dressing, a few treats for me and food: Soups for mom, food for our family visiting, muffins, cookies. And all these treats have been delivered to the hospital. I don’t think this hospital has seen such fine food before!

I am definitely going to ask for help more often. What a blessing! What a way to show love. I have always enjoyed helping others, but being helped isn’t so bad either.

Thanks for blessing our family.

Here is what one of my boot camp bible study buddies dropped off today.

Lasagna dinner and treats too!

And here are the new pool toys arriving at our new house. Thanks CC and your beautiful blonde.