Be Questioning Cancer

Cancer, I have a few questions for you that I want to ask you:

Why can’t the doctors find your origin?

Why are you wreaking havoc on my mom’s body?

The bloating. Pain. Discomfort. Hardness in her belly. The new aches and pains. The sleeplessness. Pain.

I am mad! If only they could find the origin they could then treat the cancer. Did you know that if you have cancer that began in the uterus that is also in the lung that the cancer in your lung is not lung cancer? Nope that cancer in there would be uterine cancer cells.

These are the little tidbits that I am finding out as we wait and wait and wait to find out where this cancer started. It is only when we know where it begun that treatment can begin.

Now what am I taking from all this? My life has become very small. My husband, my boys, my parents and a few very close friends.

Sorry new neighbours I will have to get to know you when this is all over. Sorry friends on the fringe, you fell off my rattley old turnip truck. Sorry relatives that I infrequently talk to, you too will have to wait.

What else can I take from this, every day is important! I love sitting by my mom in her bed while she rests. I love seeing my boys there too! I love hearing her laugh and man do I love to tease her. Every moment is special. Every moment has meaning. Every breath has hope. With God anything is possible.

May The Lord bless and keep my mama in this time of pain.