Be Walking To The Winter Garden

Yesterday, in between vomit sessions mom took two walks outside. She is one determined lady.

It was the first time she was outside in 11 days. Being inside is a rarity for our bike riding, green thumb, paddle boarding, hiking and walking mom.

Here are mom and dad heading into the winter garden. This is an outside garden between the new tower and the old part of the hospital.


We sat outside for about twenty minutes enjoying a warm wind and even a few drops of rain on our faces.

Be Sick With Chemo

I was one of those kids that vomited a lot. We were never sure why but it would just sneak up on me in the evening and whammy vomit city

I have many ‘fond’ memories of my hair being held back, a cold cloth on my neck or my forehead and either a bucket or toilet in front of my face. Usually my dad was by my side as mom would be vomiting with me if she was in the room.

Now my mom is very sick from the double dose of chemotherapy she received on Monday. Very sick!

Today mid vomit, mom quipped, “Joanna, you are doing really well with all this!”

Sexy Neck and I had a good laugh at the two vomit-phobes weathering this together.

Mama, anything for you! Even cleaning up vomit.

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13)

An empty vomit bucket – love the cardboard!