Be Getting Ready To Go Home

Wednesday – Day 17 in the hospital for mom and possibly mom’s last day in the hospital.

Bye bye room.




We can see the light. This afternoon, my sister, M, heads back south to join her girls and C. She has been here the entire 17 days.

Mom “got out on parole” from the hospital and spent a few hours at home today. Here she is enjoying the view from their porch


Mom has a few hoops to jump through before she is able to go home full time:

– off her oxygen – done!
– bowels moving – awesome!
– able to take medication by mouth – yeah!
– off her IV – working on it today.

Once she is at home, she will continue her chemotherapy as an out patient and prepare for surgery in the big city near M in October then more chemo after that.

Me, I am going to go back to blogging about life with my boys.

Enjoy every day and create many memories with my family and friends in our new home, especially my mom and dad.

We might even get adventurous and put some pictures on our walls.