Mom is home!

We just received a text from our big cousin holding down the fort in Vtown:

“Nana has left the building!!!!”

Mom is making her way back to her beautiful home and garden. Dad is her sidekick helping her on the journey ahead.

At home, they have a nurse coming in every day to check mom’s vitals, blister packs of pain killers and anti-nausea meds, a new chair for hanging out, a cleaner coming every couple of weeks and everyone ready to help out as needed.

My dad has also taken a cooking course and made his first chicken broth from scratch as well he has learned how to give mom a needle. Go dad!

Next chemo is on September 3rd. Enjoy being home Mama!

Pictures coming soon. I just had to share the news.

Be Asking For Help

I have a hard time asking for help. Whew, I said it!

Until recently I have viewed asking for help as a sign of my own incompetence or a sign of weakness. Really, I should be able to do it all right?

Now I don’t give a shit. I am completely humbled and gobsmacked by this whole thing.

Yup I haven’t shaved my legs since my mom went into the hospital and I don’t care.

I don’t have the energy to really do more than care for my family, a few close friends, spend time with my mom and pray. Sorry everything else is bonus.

So in a moment of weakness, at least that’s how I perceived it. I sent out an email to ask for help.

And was I ever blown away – people offering to let us stay in their house, hospital toys for the boys, friends stopping in to our new house with new pool toys and special salad dressing, a few treats for me and food: Soups for mom, food for our family visiting, muffins, cookies. And all these treats have been delivered to the hospital. I don’t think this hospital has seen such fine food before!

I am definitely going to ask for help more often. What a blessing! What a way to show love. I have always enjoyed helping others, but being helped isn’t so bad either.

Thanks for blessing our family.

Here is what one of my boot camp bible study buddies dropped off today.

Lasagna dinner and treats too!

And here are the new pool toys arriving at our new house. Thanks CC and your beautiful blonde.