Be Conscious Of The Stuff You Keep

“Dude!” Said in my very best surfer voice.

Last week we moved into a house that had been a family’s home for over forty-five years. The gentlemen of the home was very handy but also a bit of a pack rat. Before we moved in they hired a junk disposal company to clean out the unfinished basement. The company spent two and half days clearing about the basement.

After we gained possession of the house, we took at least ten trailer loads to the dump.


Today, Sexy Neck spent the morning cleaning out the pool pump house room. Woah!


So, should I keep those old yearbooks? How about those old volleyball jerseys and my paintings from preschool? Do my boys want to deal with all my “stuff” one day?

And what is this contraption Sexy Neck found? Seriously! Dude!