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Be Rockin’ Chemo #4!

My heart is singing? Can you hear? I definitely make a joyful noise.

Mom had her fourth chemotherapy session at the cancer clinic today. This is four of six and about four weeks after her surgery.

Mom was connected with the pain management specialist in Vtown today and she worked a miracle. (Before I carry on, did you know that most towns have one. You don’t need to live in pain when you are battling cancer!). Anyways, Miss Miller is a nurse as well as a cancer survivor. Today she swooped in like Mary Poppins with her suitcase full of pain and nausea prevention ideas. She said she has even more tricks in her bag if this first plan doesn’t work!

Oh but I think it already is. Here is mom and I hanging out tonight:

Doesn’t my mama look great! She says tomorrow she wants me to shave her head. She is tired of having her hair all over her pillow. Yeah- she ain’t tired from being in pain.

Miracles occur every day!

Filled with gratitude. Filled with love from my bible study sisters Filled with hope.

Be Walking To The Winter Garden

Yesterday, in between vomit sessions mom took two walks outside. She is one determined lady.

It was the first time she was outside in 11 days. Being inside is a rarity for our bike riding, green thumb, paddle boarding, hiking and walking mom.

Here are mom and dad heading into the winter garden. This is an outside garden between the new tower and the old part of the hospital.


We sat outside for about twenty minutes enjoying a warm wind and even a few drops of rain on our faces.