Be Walking in Your Own Footprints

Since being a chubby, hockey hairdo grade eight girl, I have loved the poem Footprints in the Sand.


I loved the idea of a God that was willing to walk with me and then carry me during the hard times.  I first read this poem before I knew God personally.  The God who knit me in my Mama’s belly.  The God who knows each of the dyed hairs on my head.  The God who walks with me each and every day, often carrying me as I need.  Now I know Him…

As my bike sits in the garage during this icy, wintery weather, my feet have become my method of walking through my grief. As often as I can, I walk.


I think of what Jesus walked through.

I walk one step at a time.

I release my pain.

Into His hands.

This journey is often solitary for a reason.

I know that no person, no amount of food or yummy Bailey’s with eggnog will take away my pain.

I choose every day to walk in it and through it.

With my incredible friends and family at my side and God carrying me when I need it.


Letting Go.



Life to its fullest!


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