Be Hitting the Slopes

Eight years since Sexy Neck and I have skied together downhill… and yesterday we skied together for the first time as a family of five.

Amazing to stop and reflect on the past eight years.

Incredible to hear the stories of when Nana skied with Sexy Neck and JC two Christmases ago.

Awesome to feel the swoosh under my skis.



We still are planning on doing some nordic skiing with the boys.

Here they are getting ready:


One thought on “Be Hitting the Slopes”

  1. Hi Joanna…good for you..I wish I could still ski but it has been years since I did…..we haven’t had any snow here yet but I am sure we will soon. I hope all is well with you guys…we are doing O.K. for a couple of OLD folks….hope to see you sometime over the holidays.

    Love, Colleen

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