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Be Getting Hammered on your Holidays 

Hammered had a different connotations in my twenties and thirties.  Now that I am forty, being hammered has entailed waves and a flu virus. 

Last year, Sexy Neck received the gift of a pair of ripped shorts courtesy of the waves in Waimea Bay.  

Today, Waimea Bay gave Sexy Neck the gift of a shirt and face full of sand.  

Here are Papa and Sexy-Neck surveying the surf pre-hammering. 


And after.  (He is happy the waves didn’t take his sun glasses!)

The wee boys had an incredible morning of boogie boarding.   I guess it is easier to ride a board then stand in a wave. 

Even OC got into the waves, but I only managed thus post-water shot. 

We are recovering from getting hammered with the flu this week.  




Running noses.

Sleepless nights.  

And this is the only hammering we hope to have during this spring break.  

Riding the waves.  

In the water.  

In life.  

Recovering from illness.  

Rejoicing in health. 



Sand up your shorts. 

Sun on your face. 

Getting hammered.  

Be a Boot Camper

I am in a season of beginnings.  

Living daily with loss.

A time of rebirth.


Playing on the teeter-totter, bars and with rubber balls.

I am going to boot camp with Krista King! 

Where’s Joanna? I am the lady in blue!  

IMG_4353 IMG_4352 Thank you Krista for taking and sharing these pictures.   IMG_4358IMG_4351IMG_4355   IMG_4357

A new KCity friend invited me to go to boot camp with her back in April.

I was intrigued because it was outside either at a beach or in a park.  I had heard through the grapevine that the instructor, Krista King, was a pilates-trained instructor with a heart for health and exercise.  

When I first tried boot camp, I would describe my body as a marshmallow.   After packing, moving, loving my mom through cancer, watching her die and living through profound grief, I had gained a momentous forty pounds on my six foot frame.  I was embarrassed at what I had allowed my athletic body to go through.   I was in the obese section for my height.

The first day of boot camp, I didn’t know if I would be able to run.  I knew that I couldn’t do a sit-up.  I wondered how sore I would be. 

I was pleasantly surprised.  I worked hard, but at my own pace.  I tried everything, but knew that there was no pressure to do so.  Krista King created an environment that was positive, athletically challenging for every body and it was fun to move my body in a variety of ways.  I had difficulty walking up stairs two days later, but it was well worth it and just reminded me to stretch.  

Now, three months later, I am fifteen pounds lighter and feeling like I can do anything.  I continue going to boot camp once or twice per week as well as riding my bike and doing Jillian Michaels DVD’s to help me recover and get ready for the next boot camp.    

Boot camp.

Butt kick.

Into gear,





Inspired by the right instructor for me.

Finding my feet.

Firmly placed.

With God’s guidance.

 It is only the beginning.  


Be Boogy Boarding and Busting Your Shorts

We went to a new beach today. It was suppose to be family friendly, have great sand and be a fun place to boogy board.

Look at this postcard, it looks idyllic:


We received a few clues that the day was going to be a wild one when a Hawaiian boogy boarder screamed as a wave threw him into the air then the lifeguards came over the loud speaker reminding everyone that the current waters were unsafe for swimming, children and anyone inexperienced boogy boarding.

Checkout this photo I took of the bay and compare it to the postcard:

Steve decided to give it a go anyways. Here he is with the blue board contemplating his entry:

And this is what happened to his shorts:

But then he decided to take our oldest son in to give it a try…


Mama Bear and the lifeguards had to both yell at him. Me up close and personal, the lifeguards from the tower at the top of the beach.

The boys stayed on the sand for the rest of the morning building a rescue boat and a command centre. They had a great time. I was the only one traumatized by the crazy surf!




At sunset, we went back to our favourite beach beside the turtles so that everyone could do some boogy boarding.

Checkout this perfect little wave lapping up onto the beach:


OC and I were able to rest on the beach and make a bus:


Another incredible day! OC got his feet wet by a wave for the first time and no one was sucked out to sea or pulverized too badly by waves. 20140322-214958.jpg
Tomorrow, we will be shopping for shorts!

Be Hunting for Turtles

Today, we went on a turtle hunt. The honu, or Hawaiian sea turtle, is the Hawaiian symbol of longevity, peace, good luck, humility, long life and the spirit within. I could use all of those things in my life. How about you?

We started off the morning at Turtle Beach, the unofficial name for Laniakea Beach, hoping to snorkel and see the turtles. No turtles and no snorkelling as the currents were too strong.

We headed north down the island to do some snorkelling in an incredible area at Pupukea Beach Park. We were able to see whales in the distance.


Tonight, we went to Haleiwa Beach Park to have a picnic dinner and what did we end up running into at the beach right beside the Haliewa Marina? Seven humongous turtles!






Turtle hunt was an unexpected success !

Expect the unexpected!

Be Having a Double Double.

If you know the coffee shop, Tim Horton’s, you will understand my pun on double double.

In the land of palm trees, pineapple and coconut peanut butter (oh ya!), we are soaking up a double double: Day two of double beach days!

Waialua Bay – Paddleboarding.








We were able to enjoy our last couple of Grandma’s spelt cookies. Yum! Perfect to go with a double double!










Be Expecting Nana

We are on day one of a gift we didn’t deserve. A gift that unfolded three weeks ago when an old teammate and dear friend said her house would be available while they went away. A gift that was unexpected, unexplainable but extraordinary.

A beautiful home in small town Oahu, very close to the famous North Shore surfing spots. Mountains, birds, orange staining soil, trampoline, flowers, warmth… and oh the smell.

This morning at breakfast Owen exclaimed, “Where is Nana?” I guess he thought that she would meet us in her favourite place in the world.

Mom has shown up.

Day 1 Morning – Playground Beach






20140318-195633.jpgOur Homestay Backyard – Climbing!

20140318-195645.jpgOranges and Papayas

20140318-195654.jpgCovered Patio


Day 1 Afternoon – Turtle Beach






I am grateful that I often get what I don’t deserve.

The gift of life.

The presence in death.

Mom is all over this.

Thanks friends.

Thanks God.

Thank you mom for your life and leading us into death. You are amazing in the past and now in the present.

Off to smell the flowers.

Be Biking 3.9 kilometres

We have three very active boys. Hmmm… I wonder where they get that from?

In our new house, we have been eating dinner around 5:30pm as Sexy Neck is home a whole hour earlier.

After dinner we have gotten into the habit of going outside to either swim or bike

Tonight we opted for both. The big boys, ages four and six, rode their bikes 3.9 kilometres all the way from our house to City Park. We rode about ninety percent of the way on a bike path or shared path. We didn’t run into any poles tonight. Poor JC did last week!


They even had time for a sunset dip in the lake.


I think I really like this town!