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Be Having Fat

I had to share this quote that I came across a few months ago. It has greatly encouraged me as I have set some health goals to ‘be able to keep up to my boys.” This has meant that I want to shed a few pounds. Have you felt ten pounds of butter?

Ten more pounds to be light (and unfortunately I can’t get this in a bottle like my hair colour!) and running alongside my boys.

May this quote encourage you on your journey.

One unconscious belief.


One conscious thought.


One mouthful.

At a time.

One workout.

Every day.

Let’s go TEAM LIGHT!

Be Seven Women Working out in Minus Seven

I have been fortunate to play on many teams, work with many colleagues and be involved with many groups.

As my mom as my standard, I have met some exceptional women.

This morning’s working out with Krista K as our leader and five other women in minus seven degrees weather beside the still lake, was truly exceptional.

The quality of heart, friendliness and athletic determination of these women is always inspiring. IMG_7034.JPGIMG_7033.JPGAll ages and stages of life are represented by these women, and no matter the weather or season of life they take time to take care of themselves.



With kindness.

Our leader and guide is what brings us together and the reason we choose to exercise in minus seven degree weather. I don’t think I have know a better trainer with an eye for how different bodies should move properly as well as knowing when I am trying to slack off. “Shoulders down Joanna. Squat down farther.”

Krista K, our detailed-oriented, friendly leader not only creates incredible workouts, but manages to jump in to help children that have been brought along.


IMG_7037.JPGHere is Krista rolling a soccer ball up a slide to my son.

And if anyone can tell me how it is possible that I haven’t done the same workout TWICE in the SEVEN months I have been going to Krista’s classes, I would like to know!

Here is my three year old OC and I working out together: I am doing triceps, he’s on the playground.


Extraordinary women.

Incredible morning.

Amazing Trainer.

There are no better adjectives to describe this morning of seven women working out in minus seven!

Be Happy/Sad Hockey is Over!

Hockey in Vtown finished this afternoon. We love the coach, Z! She is the perfect balance of firm, fun and technical skills. She has continued to fuel our boys love for hockey.

We love the midweek connection we have had with papa and nana.

But frankly, I am exhausted. All of this driving, delving back and forth into my old life and how this season of our lives has unfolded.

I am happy/sad. My life is a dichotomy of mixed emotions most of the time, this is just another simple example.

OC got his first stick today:


20140312-161747.jpgOC is a star hanging out for two hours while his brothers skate.

JC and Papa getting the equipment on:

CC with his post-practice sweaty head:

20140312-161913.jpgAfter practice they had pizza for the players:


Letting go.

Saying goodbye.

Sitting in happiness with sadness.

He shoots.

He scores!

CC and JC on the ice together.