Be Happy/Sad Hockey is Over!

Hockey in Vtown finished this afternoon. We love the coach, Z! She is the perfect balance of firm, fun and technical skills. She has continued to fuel our boys love for hockey.

We love the midweek connection we have had with papa and nana.

But frankly, I am exhausted. All of this driving, delving back and forth into my old life and how this season of our lives has unfolded.

I am happy/sad. My life is a dichotomy of mixed emotions most of the time, this is just another simple example.

OC got his first stick today:


20140312-161747.jpgOC is a star hanging out for two hours while his brothers skate.

JC and Papa getting the equipment on:

CC with his post-practice sweaty head:

20140312-161913.jpgAfter practice they had pizza for the players:


Letting go.

Saying goodbye.

Sitting in happiness with sadness.

He shoots.

He scores!

CC and JC on the ice together.

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