Be Having A Haircut

Today was a big day:

Haircut day with mom’s amazing hairdresser from Studio 568. What an amazing woman to come on her day off to cut mom’s hair. Mom always has great hair and an even better relationship with her hairdresser.

In my entire life I, think my mom has only had two hairdressers: Diane at the Tabor Store and now Karla.



Mom is starting to take pills orally and is one step closer to going home. She is keeping her eye on heading home on Friday. She has low hemoglobin so she may need a blood transfusion. I witnessed mom having a wonderful, peaceful sleep before her haircut this morning.

Go Team Mom!


3 thoughts on “Be Having A Haircut”

  1. I really appreciate reading your blogs about how everyone is doing and feeling. I’m glad your Mom is getting such wonderful care at the hospital and is surrounded by devoted staff, friends and family. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that she is able to go home soon. Linda xxx

    1. I’ll ditto what Linda just said……..and, of course, add some more positive vibes to be sent your way. Isn’t it wonderful that we have angels like Carla walking among us? Hugs from your Auntie M.

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