Be Hunting for Turtles

Today, we went on a turtle hunt. The honu, or Hawaiian sea turtle, is the Hawaiian symbol of longevity, peace, good luck, humility, long life and the spirit within. I could use all of those things in my life. How about you?

We started off the morning at Turtle Beach, the unofficial name for Laniakea Beach, hoping to snorkel and see the turtles. No turtles and no snorkelling as the currents were too strong.

We headed north down the island to do some snorkelling in an incredible area at Pupukea Beach Park. We were able to see whales in the distance.


Tonight, we went to Haleiwa Beach Park to have a picnic dinner and what did we end up running into at the beach right beside the Haliewa Marina? Seven humongous turtles!






Turtle hunt was an unexpected success !

Expect the unexpected!