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Be Sharing Green Tea Hawaii Love

My story with Green Tea Hawaii started even before I knew that Green Tea Hawaii existed. green tea logo In the summer of 2013, my mom was in profound pain. She had a distended stomach. We thought it was a bladder infection. It was cancer. She journeyed through six months with cancer, living in tremendous pain. We shared many moments shaving her head, watching the boys, cutting her toenails, living each moment. Very unexpectantly the cancer continued to multiply and mom became an angel in heaven on Boxing Day 2013.

Back in mid-October, Mom went to see a Physician at an Integrative Cancer Clinic that supports each patient’s emotional, physical and spiritual health. At this appointment, they doctor covered many topics from eating, exercise, supplements, meditation and encouraged mom on her overall cancer journey. One moment that made her laugh, was when he suggested that she drink ten cups of green tea per day. It has shown that drinking green tea slows down and even stops cancer cell’s from multiplying. My mom was barely eating nor drinking at this point, so the thought of drinking ten cups of green tea made us giggle. If I only knew…

Fast forward now to March, where our family had been given a great gift from a University friend and teammate, their house for ten days in Hawaii. We were also given free access to this amazing product that they own called Green Tea Hawaii. They had samples all over their kitchen counter and we helped ourselves.  Green Tea Hawaii changed our lives.

Everyone I know that has tried Green Tea Hawaii talks about the benefit of the extra energy. I now ride my bike at 6:00am, just because I want to and can. (And I ain’t no morning person!) I enjoy doing Jillian Michaels DVD’s in the afternoon and evenings because I have the energy to. Plus I still have lots left in me to be a present and loving mom to my three boys under seven. Before Green Tea Hawaii, I was struggling.

I love the L-theanine in the Green Tea Hawaii as it gives me a great sense of peace. The combination of the Noni and green tea is absolutely delicious. This is a sweet tea, but contains less than one gram of stevia and sugar. (One teaspoon of sugar is about four to five grams for those visual people.)

Hot or cold.

Shaken not stirred.

Mixed with about a cup of pure water

I have finally found my drink!

The health benefits of the Green Tea Hawaii take me back to the appointment with my mom. Each sleeve of the Green Tea Hawaii equal around 45 cups of Green Tea. Yup, you read that correctly. My mom could have drank just one sleeve and had more than the benefits of the 10 cups of tea that were recommended. satchet


The other benefit of Green Tea Hawaii is weight loss. This is an added bonus for me as I already love the health benefits of this product. If you take one sleeve fifteen minutes before breakfast and again before lunch, it revs up your metabolism. I am not entirely sure how this works, but as of today, I have lost fifteen pounds. But nothing compares to the taste, cancer fighting and energy that Green Tea Hawaii brings me.

My dad now uses Green Tea Hawaii to help with his arthritis from his hockey playing days. My husband doesn’t drink pop or energy drinks anymore and he has more energy than before. In one weekend, he planted twenty-two cedars and fifteen HUNDRED square feet of new grass. He had a Green Tea Hawaii in the afternoon and early evening which gave him what he needed to work hard. IMG_4165IMG_4172 Lastly, I have to tell you that after I discovered Green Tea Hawaii, I went to my Naturopathic Physician. Anything that I eat or drink on a daily basis, I like to check out with her. She looked at the ingredients and loved the product for me. She only cautioned the caffeine in Green Tea can disrupt your sleep cycle, so don’t have it after five o’clock in the evening. One sleeve of Green Tea Hawaii is the same amount of caffeine in one cup of Java. She loved the calming affect of the L-theanine as well as the health benefits of the high quality Green Tea from Japan and the Noni from the Polynesian Island. I am very excited and full of gratitude that I can share this product with anyone that would like to try it. Can you tell? IMG_4654IMG_4664
Off to ECity to learn more about Green Tea Hawaii.

Full of gratitude.

Full of energy.

Full of cancer fighting Green Tea.

Feeling the Hawaiian Noni love.

Sweet and cool on a hot day.

Warm and comforting on a cold day.


Green Tea Hawaii.



Sidenote: You can leave me a comment,  text or call me if you are interested in trying a sample.  I have had many people ask since this post.


Be Keeping Moving (and Surfing Photos)

I went to the grocery store today and wanted to lie down in the aisle when I walked by mom’s favourite balsamic infusion salad dressing… but I didn’t.  I walked on by, asked God to help me and kept on moving.  

Two steps forward.

One step back. 

Still moving.  

Tonight, I looked through some of the surfing pictures that a photographer took while we were in Hawaii.  I can’t get over my boys smiles.   They warmed my heart.    

Holding tight to memories.

Looking at smiles.

Loving my amazing boys.  



Be Hunting for Turtles

Today, we went on a turtle hunt. The honu, or Hawaiian sea turtle, is the Hawaiian symbol of longevity, peace, good luck, humility, long life and the spirit within. I could use all of those things in my life. How about you?

We started off the morning at Turtle Beach, the unofficial name for Laniakea Beach, hoping to snorkel and see the turtles. No turtles and no snorkelling as the currents were too strong.

We headed north down the island to do some snorkelling in an incredible area at Pupukea Beach Park. We were able to see whales in the distance.


Tonight, we went to Haleiwa Beach Park to have a picnic dinner and what did we end up running into at the beach right beside the Haliewa Marina? Seven humongous turtles!






Turtle hunt was an unexpected success !

Expect the unexpected!

Be Surfing Under Rainbows with a Butterfly

The boys wanted to surf this morning. Our friends here recommended Uncle Brian’s Sunset Suratt Surf Academy. These guys are the ‘goods’! Instructors with surfing running in their blood, hearts of a lion for their sport and patience of a good father for the students.

Our boys loved it! Not only did they get to learn to surf but God’s presence and mom’s love was all over this morning.

First the boys warned up and learned the technique on the beach:

Next they were off, pulled by the instructor’s toes to a bay covered by a rainbow.


The boys all got up on the board. Take a close look at the photo with the instructor riding a wave on HIS HEAD! (Better photos to come!)

Sexy Neck doing his thing…

Six year old JC

Four year old CC stood up with Crew’s help. He was afraid to fall off the board into the ocean. He loved riding the waves.

Sexy Neck told me afterwards that at one time they had regrouped and a butterfly flew over the two boys and their teacher. He thought, “Nana was present!”

We came home and realized that there were butterflies all over the house we are staying at.



If you had asked me what I want most now that my mom has died. What I want is my mom back!

Today, I feel gratitude for mornings like today watching my boys using the gifts given to them in God’s beautiful nature and feeling my mom’s presence.




Men building up boys.





Be Expecting Nana

We are on day one of a gift we didn’t deserve. A gift that unfolded three weeks ago when an old teammate and dear friend said her house would be available while they went away. A gift that was unexpected, unexplainable but extraordinary.

A beautiful home in small town Oahu, very close to the famous North Shore surfing spots. Mountains, birds, orange staining soil, trampoline, flowers, warmth… and oh the smell.

This morning at breakfast Owen exclaimed, “Where is Nana?” I guess he thought that she would meet us in her favourite place in the world.

Mom has shown up.

Day 1 Morning – Playground Beach






20140318-195633.jpgOur Homestay Backyard – Climbing!

20140318-195645.jpgOranges and Papayas

20140318-195654.jpgCovered Patio


Day 1 Afternoon – Turtle Beach






I am grateful that I often get what I don’t deserve.

The gift of life.

The presence in death.

Mom is all over this.

Thanks friends.

Thanks God.

Thank you mom for your life and leading us into death. You are amazing in the past and now in the present.

Off to smell the flowers.