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Be Keeping Moving (and Surfing Photos)

I went to the grocery store today and wanted to lie down in the aisle when I walked by mom’s favourite balsamic infusion salad dressing… but I didn’t.  I walked on by, asked God to help me and kept on moving.  

Two steps forward.

One step back. 

Still moving.  

Tonight, I looked through some of the surfing pictures that a photographer took while we were in Hawaii.  I can’t get over my boys smiles.   They warmed my heart.    

Holding tight to memories.

Looking at smiles.

Loving my amazing boys.  



Be Surfing Under Rainbows with a Butterfly

The boys wanted to surf this morning. Our friends here recommended Uncle Brian’s Sunset Suratt Surf Academy. These guys are the ‘goods’! Instructors with surfing running in their blood, hearts of a lion for their sport and patience of a good father for the students.

Our boys loved it! Not only did they get to learn to surf but God’s presence and mom’s love was all over this morning.

First the boys warned up and learned the technique on the beach:

Next they were off, pulled by the instructor’s toes to a bay covered by a rainbow.


The boys all got up on the board. Take a close look at the photo with the instructor riding a wave on HIS HEAD! (Better photos to come!)

Sexy Neck doing his thing…

Six year old JC

Four year old CC stood up with Crew’s help. He was afraid to fall off the board into the ocean. He loved riding the waves.

Sexy Neck told me afterwards that at one time they had regrouped and a butterfly flew over the two boys and their teacher. He thought, “Nana was present!”

We came home and realized that there were butterflies all over the house we are staying at.



If you had asked me what I want most now that my mom has died. What I want is my mom back!

Today, I feel gratitude for mornings like today watching my boys using the gifts given to them in God’s beautiful nature and feeling my mom’s presence.




Men building up boys.