Be Expecting Nana

We are on day one of a gift we didn’t deserve. A gift that unfolded three weeks ago when an old teammate and dear friend said her house would be available while they went away. A gift that was unexpected, unexplainable but extraordinary.

A beautiful home in small town Oahu, very close to the famous North Shore surfing spots. Mountains, birds, orange staining soil, trampoline, flowers, warmth… and oh the smell.

This morning at breakfast Owen exclaimed, “Where is Nana?” I guess he thought that she would meet us in her favourite place in the world.

Mom has shown up.

Day 1 Morning – Playground Beach






20140318-195633.jpgOur Homestay Backyard – Climbing!

20140318-195645.jpgOranges and Papayas

20140318-195654.jpgCovered Patio


Day 1 Afternoon – Turtle Beach






I am grateful that I often get what I don’t deserve.

The gift of life.

The presence in death.

Mom is all over this.

Thanks friends.

Thanks God.

Thank you mom for your life and leading us into death. You are amazing in the past and now in the present.

Off to smell the flowers.

2 thoughts on “Be Expecting Nana”

  1. Would this be Shelley’s home? What a great beach . I hope you are all just soaking it in along with your Mom who would love it. Hugs to all. Just want you to know that I think about you so often. You are great parents – I can tell by your posts. Thx for sharing with us. xo

    1. Yes, we were at Shelley’s house. It was absolutely incredible. Thank you for your continued encouraging words… they mean alot to me and our family.

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