Be Going Inward


Only a beautiful hi from mom this morning.

Down the path.

Moving forward.

Packed her bags.

Going Inward.

My Spirit sits with my mom.

I sit with my mom.

The scarf she knit around my neck.

My tear catcher and prayer shawl.

My Sexy Neck, my boys, my dad, my sister, C, Rea, Jamie, Marnie and Ron at my side.

Going Inward.

Waiting to see how this journey will be.

Knowing your love is holding us up.

Knowing mom is our guide.

She will do it her beautiful, thoughtful way.

Thank you world.

Thank you peeps.

Thank you for holding us close.

Thank you to my beautiful mom for letting me journey with her.

This is such an honour and privilege to be at her side.



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