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Falling Snow and Fluttering Butterflies

Crisp fresh fallen snow as I step outside.

Dad has been by her side throughout.

He watched her last breaths.

Dad greets me at mom’s door.

There are beautiful butterflies on the door. (This is hospice’s symbol that the room is not to be disturbed).

My big cousin by my side.

We step through the door.

Peace enfolds.

Mom is warm and quiet.

She is wearing a shirt with butterflies on it. (I think I need to lie down with all these symbols of snow and butterflies!)

Her body is at rest.

Death has come to her body.

Thursday, December 26th, 2013 at 7:00am.

Kisses, kisses and more kisses.

I lay my head in her arm in disbelief.

In peace.

I lap up her presence.

I am enveloped by her love.

Tears slide down my cheeks.

My sister arrives.

We walk to the hospice living room.

We light a butterfly light.

Place mom’s special card on the mantle.



M reads Psalm 23.

Dad talks about his sorrow and gratitude.

The boys arrive to an empty room.

OC says. “Nana with God.”

A red rose is on the counter.

We say our goodbyes.

On the memory Christmas tree we write Nana’s name and we take an angel home for our tree.




Then we lace up our skates and head out into the outdoors that Nana loved dearly.




I love you mama!


Be Singing Angels

We have been very fortunate to have met incredible nurses, care aids, patients and families at hospice.

I have felt a particular affinity to C, D and M.

M is across the hall from mom and is a light and lovely soul also battling cancer. We think she may have also been in the chemo room the first time mom had her chemotherapy.

C is just here to help get his pain under control. He has asbestos in his lungs from working in an asbestos-lined building for many years. Did you know that hospice is a place to get help for pain relief not just a beautiful place to die?

Then, we end with D and his family. D is a fellow teacher, nature lover and suffering valiantly with ALS. I have felt depth and love from his daughter A and she has helped me tremendously through this by sharing her story and her life.

This afternoon D, his wife and his three girls blessed us with their singing. It was a lay down on the ground kind of moment.

Listen to this….

And a little bit more…

Glory to God for the gifts He gives each of us. We are so incredibly unique and beautifully made.

Be Having Wifesaver

Every Christmas for as long as I can remember, my mom would make Wifesaver from the Best of Bridge cookbook.

I remember this was last thing she would do before she went to bed on Christmas Eve. She would cut the crust off the bread. Layer it with ham and cheese. Pour the eggs overtop. And then in the morning as we were unwrapping gifts we would hear the crunch crunch crunch of the cornflakes as she put the topping on.

A few days ago, a good old friend of mom’s asked how she could help. I told Bev B. it would be great if she could make mom’s Wifesaver.

Right now this memory and ritual created by mom is being eaten by our family. Thanks to Bev’s love and generosity.

The smells, the look, the taste, the memory, the memory, the memory.



Be Saying Goodnight to Nana and Papa

Nana and Papa are having a sleepover at Hospice tonight.

The boys had to drive by twice so that they could say goodbye and I love you.

Now, I have popped back to say my own goodbye and drop off my mom’s favourite Anne Murray CD.

With a hug for dad and a kiss on the forehead for mom, and a couple of I Love You’s, I am off to see if my giggling boys are tucked in and snuggled up in their beds.

Merry Christmas everyone. May God’s light shine for you on Jesus’s birthday. May you know His love, His peace and His miraculous ways.