Be Having Wifesaver

Every Christmas for as long as I can remember, my mom would make Wifesaver from the Best of Bridge cookbook.

I remember this was last thing she would do before she went to bed on Christmas Eve. She would cut the crust off the bread. Layer it with ham and cheese. Pour the eggs overtop. And then in the morning as we were unwrapping gifts we would hear the crunch crunch crunch of the cornflakes as she put the topping on.

A few days ago, a good old friend of mom’s asked how she could help. I told Bev B. it would be great if she could make mom’s Wifesaver.

Right now this memory and ritual created by mom is being eaten by our family. Thanks to Bev’s love and generosity.

The smells, the look, the taste, the memory, the memory, the memory.



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