Be Sharing Your Story – Ang

This is the first, of I hope many, people who are sharing their personal journey with us through this sacred time with my mama.

Introducing Ang:


I am a guest blogger here today, which is kind of funny since I don’t have a blog but I guess you can call me a guest friend sharing!

I have known Joanna and her family for about 12 years and I would call Joanna one of my dearest closest friends. When she asked me to share a few things about her mom and my own journey I said yes immediately and a few things came to mind, and I hope I can communicate them well here.

I think when we are on the outside perimeter, viewing families going through these impossible things in life we always ask the question of why? And how? And will it be me next? When you see pictures on the blog of this loving mother and wife and friend, totally ransacked by a disease it’s easy to get lost in the devastation. Why now at Christmas, is the question on all of our minds. It has certainly been on mine.

And then my 6 year old daughter came home with this picture today, that she had drawn at school. I smiled, and it makes me smile every time I see it. A fat little pony totally focused on the goal at hand, probably thinking she was in an Olympic ring, like a rock star…but barely clearing the jump!
I thought in that moment of cancer and death and all the yucky parts of life, that come at the worst of times like Christmas, and how we have choices in how we can deal with those massive walls in our path. And I was reminded of two things, first of all we need to do the very best we can with what we’ve been given. Secondly, we need to try our very hardest to clear those jumps and keep moving forward. Because what I see in this picture, when those two things happen, is pure freedom.

May the angels be surrounding you now Nana Gwen and your family. May you feel the peace of God as you clear the jumps and finish well. Amen.

Love always,


Be In Calm After The Storm

Mom is at hospice. She has had a very peaceful and restful day.

Awaiting arrival of Rea, Michelle, Craig, Sydney, Abby and more loved ones.

Mom is well loved.

Time for me to Be Still.

Be with mama soaking up her love, strength, peace.

There is no fear here as we sit just love and peace.

Time for me to Be Present.

Be with mama enjoying her soft skin, her beautiful smile and the light of her eyes.

Sit with my dad in his grief.

Retell old memories.

Create new ones.

Cry with my wee boys who know Nana is going to die.

Get a big hug from my big sister. She gives the best hugs.

Accept any and every hug so that I don’t float away in grief. Thanks to Neil and Steve for doing that for me today.

Sit with my big cousins. I adore them. Admire them greatly.

Soak in my aunts and uncles deep love for my parents.

Say thank you and I love you.

Lean on anyone left standing.

Nana and I watching Wheel of Fortune and drinking cranberry juice. Well, I watch Nana and Nana is resting.

Peace. Love. Hugs.