Be Having Christmas Dinner At Hospice

Hamilton Household delivered some ceremonial turkey.

Thank H for representing:


We had lasagna provided by friends as well as mom & dad’s antipasto, olives, buns, salad and cranberry sauce.
Dinner time:

20131225-212734.jpgThe kids made the paper hats.





Hangout time:



20131225-212846.jpgSexy Neck was supervising the kids:

20131225-212851.jpgGame time:



2 thoughts on “Be Having Christmas Dinner At Hospice”

  1. Looking at your photos I am reminded of a song I have fallen in love with this Christmas season-Love is Christmas by Sara Bareilles.If you don’t know it and have a moment take a listen. It looks like this difficult journey you are walking is also filled with much love “let love lead us – love is Christmas.” The opportunity to read your blog and witness in some small way has changed our Christmas. Warm thoughts and prayers!

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