Be Brilliant with Bags

Do you often look at an idea and wonder “Why didn’t I think of that!”

We have family visiting this weekend to celebrate our oldest sixth (yikes!) birthday as well as Sexy Neck’s brother’s birthday all on the same day.

Steve’s brother and his wife arrived with their two children, bikes and clothing. I didn’t know how they all fit!

Now I do! These two brilliant, creative people didn’t use suitcases.
Why not? They used flexible, compact, squishable grocery bags.



Awesome! I am stealing this idea.

One bag per person and still room for the cheesies stashed up front.

Also, I have to say thanks to Sexy Neck for another amazing chalk birthday mural. Checkout one of my first posts called Be A Man on September 27th.


3 thoughts on “Be Brilliant with Bags”

  1. Ha ha – that is indeed an awesome idea! We have used those massive checked bags before (cheap on Ebay) but I guess the key is not to stuff them full otherwise they loose their flexibility. I still can’t believe how much extra packing one tiny little baby is creating in this household!

  2. Brilliant idea! I have previously used those massive checked bags (cheap on Ebay) but we always stuff them so full that they can’t be squashed – I see the key is to leave some space! I am still surprised but how much extra packing our tiny BabBee is creating!

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