Be Celebrating Easter

My boys love traditions. Taco Tuesdays. Pizza Friday. Hugs when we say hello and goodbye.  Special songs with sing with friends.  Stickers and stamps at the end of library storytime and gymnastics.

The boys look forward to balloons and a homemade cake on their birthday.

They talk about their Halloween costumes for about eleven months.

They LOVE our real Christmas tree, homemade stockings and all the presents celebrating Jesus’ birthday.

I may be wrong, but I think my boys enjoy Easter traditions the best. The decorating of eggs, hunting for chocolates (running around outside!), being in church with all their close friends and dinner with Nana and Papa is very exciting for them.

What do you think  your child’s favourite family tradition is?


2013 0122013 036IMG_1386[1](JC’s latest creation.  Jesus has risen and provided a bridge for us to meet God!)