Be Sharing Your Story – Theresa and John (Diana’s parents)

We are extremely touched by how many people are reaching out to us and are sharing this journey with mom and our family.

This morning I received an email from Diana’s parents. Diana shared her journey with us this morning.

Here is what Theresa and John had to say:

Mike. Joanna, Steve, Jackson, Colby and Owen and family

We have been following Gwen’s and your path all along the way; we are sure that Gwen appreciates all your loving support from the get go through to this difficult part of her journey – she may be too ill now to articulate it but never forget that she gives you her loving support right back. We like to think she will be doing that from on high when she gets there, and sometimes you will need to feel her doing that.

We are full of admiration for Gwen, you, your family, and especially Joanna (and Sexy Neck – I can never think of Steve again without thinking of this reference – and the little ones) and how you are all coping and providing support and love for each other. I am sure there have been some bumps along the way where not every moment went totally smoothly, but even the bumps have been full of love.

Yesterday I went searching in our photos and finally found the one that epitomizes Gwen to me – Jackson’s 3rd birthday party whose theme was cycling – it was a neat party and you and Gwen were both very involved – attached are a few photos that show Gwen in her cycling jacket, etc. manning (or womanning) the water station and you, Mike, manning another type of water station – good thing it was a hot day!! The kids sure loved it all and it was one of our favourite birthday parties – though they are are all fun!!

Being her very dynamic cheerful self while Being interested in what family and friends are up to, Being active cycling or hiking (and encouraging others to do the same), Being proud of each of you for your special gifts, Being joyfully and enthusiastically involved with family and friends, that is what Gwen means to me.

John and I are thinking about Gwen and all of you

Love and Hugs

Theresa and John




One thought on “Be Sharing Your Story – Theresa and John (Diana’s parents)”

  1. Wonderful, thoughtful tributes to your Mom! Glad your family and friends are all around you. All of us here at the Coast are also with you in our thoughts and prayers!

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