Be Biking 3.9 kilometres

We have three very active boys. Hmmm… I wonder where they get that from?

In our new house, we have been eating dinner around 5:30pm as Sexy Neck is home a whole hour earlier.

After dinner we have gotten into the habit of going outside to either swim or bike

Tonight we opted for both. The big boys, ages four and six, rode their bikes 3.9 kilometres all the way from our house to City Park. We rode about ninety percent of the way on a bike path or shared path. We didn’t run into any poles tonight. Poor JC did last week!


They even had time for a sunset dip in the lake.


I think I really like this town!

4 thoughts on “Be Biking 3.9 kilometres”

      1. Nope, we don’t have a car. It just costs too much, and we earn too little. That was part of what was difficult about deciding where to move – we needed a place with either good buses or everything in walking distance. Sigh.
        It’s all good, though. Keeps us healthier.

        I am really jealous of your biking expidition!

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