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Be a Papa Dealing with Death





These four D’s that I talked about in my last post can bring us to our knees.

These gifts of grief can also help us rise into who we truly are.

This is what it’s been like for our Papa as he finds a new normal without his beloved wife after 52 years.

The partner Papa loved to share with and bounce ideas off of.

The woman who showered him with food love and a beautiful home.

The exceptional mother of his handsome boys.

The ever present Grandma of his five grandchildren.

Papa could have easily been brought to his knees but he truly has risen.

Going to many of the grandchildren’s events in the last three weeks.

Planning a funeral to honour his beloved wife and my mother-in-law.

Papa has poured out gratitude for everyone’s help.

He has poured out his heart in tears and given himself space to grieve.

May all people deal with grief like our Papa. He is a role model for us all.

Blessings poured over you, Papa, as you walk this journey. We, your fellow grief journeyers, are so proud of you.


Be Seeing Green!

We went to visit Papa.

We saw one of these:

images (6)

But it was green.

It was the exact green transport ambulance that brought my mom from the hospital to hospice house last Christmas.

And what did my three year old say as we drove by this green transport ambulance:

“Mom, look! An ambulance! We can tell it to go to heaven, get Nana and take her to Papa’s house!” 

I wish son!  I wish!

My three year old thinks an ambulance took Nana to heaven.

He now calls my parent’s house, Papa’s house.

He wants to bring Nana back to Papa too!

Me too, son! Me too!

In sadness.

With gratitude for these moments with my boys.


Be Having a Papathon

I am sure you have heard of a triathlon or a duathlon or perhaps even the heptathlon from Olympic events.

But have you heard of one of the greatest sporting events to hit 2014? IMG_6941.JPGPapathon!

A weekend of activity.

Celebrating Papa’s 69th birthday.

Lovingly planned over two weeks by myself, thoughtful Sexy Neck and my three insightful boys.

Papathon began with swimming, a backyard eight hole golf course with prizes, cake, dinner out with my dad, sleepover then skating and brunch before Papa headed home. IMG_6942.JPG

IMG_6943.JPGWe tried to plan a three event weekend, like a triathlon, but it ended up being so much more than what we did.






Wrapping paper.


Necklace for Nana’s rings.

Lottery tickets.

Golf balls in a dump truck.

Steak dinner at our old favourite restaurant.


Swapping lies.

Creating memories.

Celebrating life!

Pouring out love.

For our dear Papa!

Happy birthday Dad!

Be a Golf Camper in 2014






It always amazes me the memories that we hold dear to us. I love hearing peoples stories for this very reason.

My boys memories are especially sweet for me because they often have a profound deepness about them and sometimes they are seriously silly!

Last year I blogged about our oldest experiencing a golf camp here.



Here are both of our boys at golf camp today.  JC is seven and CC is almost five.  (We snuck him in!) They were very excited to go together and ride in the golf cart, putting the ball down hill very carefully and driving the ball towards a yellow flag.

The boys are waiting for camp to begin.  Papa is in the background chatting to the instructor.  20140702-213819-77899966.jpg

The boys were ready and in the car before any of us this morning… thank goodness the car was in the garage or they would have had to get out because it was hot, hot, hot today! 20140702-213817-77897893.jpg

The boys getting ready to ride the cart down to the driving range.  20140702-213823-77903218.jpgJC brought up a memory from last year.  Nana had walked down to the driving range to watch him hit the ball.  At the end of the session Nana decided to race the golf cart back up the hill.  JC remembered her running fast.  And in true Nana fashion, she won the race!

How can this only be a year ago?  How could she have been in the hospital only a month later? And DEAD five months later?


Tumbling forth.

Beautiful, driven Nana.

Boys who cherished her presence.









Be Golfing with Papa

My dad loves golf. Two eighteen holes of golf LOVES golfing.

Since his hockey playing days, golf has been a part of his “off-season” life.

In all of our grief, we are trying to meet our dear Papa right where he is at without nana at his side.

This afternoon we met him at the driving range.

Papa loves to teach!

20140526-220416.jpgCC (age 4) has been asking every day when he can go golfing with papa.


20140526-220506.jpgJC (age 7) loves to swing away.



20140526-220614.jpg OC (age 2) tried golf for the very first time. We think he might be a lefty like CC.


Ahhh, that feels better….



Being where you are.



One ball at a time.

Be Going to the Winter Carnival Parade

It was too cold to cross country ski today but it was perfect to watch the Winter Carnival Parade from our favourite Japanese Restaurant in Vtown.



OC even got his wish and saw an elephant. (No, it wasn’t real!)


CC thought he saw Nana down the street and we got to talk about Nana again when an ambulance went by.

20140208-135946.jpgBeautiful family morning with Papa and memories of Nana.


Here we are last year enjoying the hot air balloons.
We missed watching the parade with our Sharpe friends. They now live on the Island and she blogs at http://www.foodiegardeningclub.wordpress.com.

Be Wanting To Call Papa and Nana

Here’s the conversation we had when two year old OC told me he wanted to call Papa and then Nana on the telephone. Papa was up cross country skiing, so I knew he was out of cell range. My dear, ever-present mom died on Boxing Day.

OC, who do you want to talk to on the phone? (YouTube video link!)

Sweet child working out his sadness of why he can’t call his Nana. These are his very own words.

I was Surprised!

I was humbled!

I am amazed!