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Be Going to the Winter Carnival Parade

It was too cold to cross country ski today but it was perfect to watch the Winter Carnival Parade from our favourite Japanese Restaurant in Vtown.



OC even got his wish and saw an elephant. (No, it wasn’t real!)


CC thought he saw Nana down the street and we got to talk about Nana again when an ambulance went by.

20140208-135946.jpgBeautiful family morning with Papa and memories of Nana.


Here we are last year enjoying the hot air balloons.
We missed watching the parade with our Sharpe friends. They now live on the Island and she blogs at http://www.foodiegardeningclub.wordpress.com.

Be Going to the Fall Fair

Yes, I know it’s still summer, but anytime our family goes to a fair involving rides, 4H and cotton candy we call it a Fall Fair. Growing up the fair was at the beginning of August, yet it was still called the Fall Fair.
How curious.

I am a sucker for babies and breast feeding moms.

Usually it’s my mom, Nana, that escorts us to the fall fair. She tells stories about life on the farm and her amazing days in 4H. The sights and smells bring out her already incredible retired Librarian storytelling abilities. Next year, Nana AND Papa are going to join us.

Today, Nana sent Papa to hangout with us. He is OC’s main man, so OC was a very happy little boy.







I even enjoyed the Ferris wheel with my boys this year. Yes, there are a lot of shifts happening for our family this summer.


I never splurge on face painting and horse rides. But I finally understand my parents philosophy of enjoying the special things that only happen once a year because they really do only happen once a year!





OC wasn’t too sure about the petting zoo. Can you tell by his death grip?

Life is precious my friends.
Treasure the day like a gift.
Unwrap it with your heart.

Be A “B” Watcher

February 1st, 2012

YEAH, we made it to the start of Winter Carnival!   Whew, the very busy  stretch between Christmas and spring has hit its mid-point.

My middle boy, CC, started screaming after we dropped off his oldest brother at school.  We had to knock on a neighbours door to tell her to come outside to see them.

Our oldest son even got to watch them float on by his window at school.


The hot air balloons were so close we could hear them!  CC loved the blue one and JC loved the black and orange one.

We all loved standing and watching.  YEAH Carnival is here.

The Queen is crowned and the hot air balloons are flying by.

Added bonus: This year’s the theme is pReHiStOrIc!