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Be Awed by the Snowbirds

Tonight, the boys and I watched some talented people share their gifts. For me, it was a blast from the past as I remember watching the Snowbirds at the PG airport.

Here are the boys in the 36 degree heat ready to watch the show over the lake. JC had great insight to bring chairs. 20140730-234246-85366511.jpg
Here come the Snowbirds:

There they go…






Earlier in the day, we had to drop Sexy Neck off at the airport. We were able to catch a glimpse of the Snowbirds one the ground.

How fortunate are we?

It was a Snowbird day!

Talented people sharing their gifts.





What a show!

Thank you for the memory Snowbirds.

Be A “B” Watcher

February 1st, 2012

YEAH, we made it to the start of Winter Carnival!   Whew, the very busy  stretch between Christmas and spring has hit its mid-point.

My middle boy, CC, started screaming after we dropped off his oldest brother at school.  We had to knock on a neighbours door to tell her to come outside to see them.

Our oldest son even got to watch them float on by his window at school.


The hot air balloons were so close we could hear them!  CC loved the blue one and JC loved the black and orange one.

We all loved standing and watching.  YEAH Carnival is here.

The Queen is crowned and the hot air balloons are flying by.

Added bonus: This year’s the theme is pReHiStOrIc!

Be Adventureous

My boys are the most creative and sometimes daring people I know. They can turn a piece of bread into a car at one years old (JC), a small push car into a flying projectile (CC) and a puppy dog into a pillow (OC).

Today the creativity went to new heights. The boys turned a goalie pads into a jet pack and wings. Here is the clincher, they had to do it while naked! Why men why? Please explain this to me.


I tried to take a photo without the private parts! I hope I don’t offend anyone… at least they didn’t ask to use the old crib mattress for a sled on the stairs today!