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Be Creating a Nature Basket

My boys and I love to be outside: walking, biking, scootering, playing, creating… (Be sure to check out tomorrow’s post!)

After having pocketful of rocks and handfuls of acorns, I decided we needed to have somewhere to put these ‘treasures’.

We brought up a basket that now sits on the kitchen table. We have a proud place for our autumn treasures and I know that this picking up of treasures is only for a short ‘season’ of life.


I keep thinking about our winter treasures and how to modify the basket. Perhaps we will have to keep it in the freezer.

Be Loving Autumn Leaves

I love autumn!

Today, this quote below inspired me and spurred me on as we endure this season of change in our lives.

We humans have a lot to learn from autumn trees. No one of us wants to be so surrendered, so vulnerable to winter as the October trees. Yet each of us, if we are truly open to growth and change, will experience this in our inner lives…New growth means change.”
• Joyce Rupp, Fresh Bread

Our neighbours tree:


JC’s Autumn Blaze Maple
*CC’s hasn’t changed colour yet and we haven’t planted OC’s yet.


A tree in front of JC’s pod at school.

A tree on the playground in front of CC’s preschool.


Be a Leaf Gatherer

You know that I love trees, but for the past two weeks, I have been secretly cursing our HUGE maple, walnut, cherry and two apricot trees because my husband is lying on the couch with a surgery attached Achilles tendon.

Guess who is raking all the leaves this year? Moi, me, meine! But not only is raking the leaves on my mind this year, I am also taking care of 3 children 5 and under as well as being the hands and driver for my crutch using, boot wearing husband!

I was overwhelmed with my leaves, until two magnificent women came into my life… today my 69 year old mom and our neighbour came over to rake up all the beautiful leaves… and yes they were beautiful again once they were all lined up and waiting for the next snowfall.


Thanks fellow leaf gatherers. “Air hugs!” (As my oldest son calls them!)