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Be Putting Sweat Equity into the Sideyard

Our house was a fixer-upper. A ‘major’ smoke-infested, 1960’s, pack rat treasure home.

We are proud owners of a fifty year old, well built house that has an incredibly large yard. The previous owner loved his wood, compost bins and other treasures. We have had the privilege of sorting and disposing of many of them.

On the weekend, Grandma and Papa came from VCity to help Sexy Neck with our sideyard ‘tidy up’.

I think the photos speak a thousand words:

Spring 2013 20140806-224136-81696526.jpg
August 2014




Removing rubbish.

Boys helping.

Wood border.

Papa’s strength.

Raking smooth.


Truckloads of rock.

Sweat equity.

Sideyard done!

Be a Muffin Watcher

The friend who gave me the Jesus calling book in my previous post also made muffins for our family. My banana avoiding son, JC, devoured these muffins and now asks for them almost daily.

Here’s the muffins:

*I use spelt flour in place of flour.

Here are my muffin makers watching these yummy muffins cook.
Actually now that I look at the photo, I think JC was getting ready to poke or tackle his brother.


We have been blessed. Thanks T.B.

Be Having A Baking Cupboard

I love our new house! Yes, I said it.

This 1960’s well built home is on a dead end street and is reminisce of my childhood home. Sexy Neck and his crew have done an amazing job renovating to rid the house of its smoke smell.

One of my favourite parts of the house, is the kitchen. We renovated the kitchen for under $5000 with half of that budget being a mix of old and new appliances. We found a Bosch dishwasher online for only $200.

We have an amazing amount of cupboards in the kitchen plus a Dutch door pantry.


We decided to have one cupboard for my baking supplies. I can’t decide whether I should leave the doors off or put them on. They are currently in the basement waiting for their next coat of paint.

Baking cupboard in the morning sun

Any opinions – doors off or on?

Be A Messy Kitchen Tabler


Here is an inventory of what is on our kitchen table this afternoon:

1 water glass left on table by CC


2 year old ski pass

Cars from Christmas

Candle with holder

Chestnuts from a walk to school in October

2 paper snow boots for music class


Journal with bible and devotional

Healing Prayer book

Emotion cards: Today’s word was “Chipper”



“People” have told me that when you have kids around, you have to let things go!

I think I am going to start with the kitchen table.  It is so freeing to have everyone doing what they love around the kitchen table.  Over the course of the day, the table becomes a mound of differing activities: building, creating, playing, reading, writing, and sometimes eating.

Now if only there was a way to not have to clean it off every time we eat!

Be a Vinegar User

I often wonder how much healthier our earth would be if we stopped using all man-made cleaners and started to just using vinegar.  Yes vinegar!

Vinegar came my way when living in Europe.  I was asking someone where I could buy some vinegar to make salad dressing.  I couldn’t find white vinegar in my local grocery store.  They actually laughed at me because she used white vinegar to clean her vegetables and clean her house.  She wouldn’t use it for salad dressing!

I was reminded of the heroics of vinegar when I read an article in Mother Earth Living.  They had 17 uses for vinegar:

1. Grease cutter

2. Disinfectant

3. Toilet Bowl Cleaner

4. Drain Cleaner

5. Glass Gleaner

6. Residue Remover

7. Hair Rinse

8. Furniture Polish

9. Stain Remover

10. Laundry Softener

11.  Dandruff Preventive

12. Wart Killer

13. Breath Freshner

14. Paintbrush Softener

15. Greens Reviver

16. Egg Aid

17. Rust Remover


We also discovered another great use for vinegar this afternoon:

“Explosive” Science Project Ingredient!

Be a Wo-Man

At our house we have stolen the term “blue jobs” and “pink jobs” from our friend Penny!

Sexy Neck and I used to have tension, well really we argued, about who should do what around the house. About ten years ago, we sat down and talked about what each of us liked to do then we divided up the “leftovers”. It is a great system to know who is making dinner, doing dishes and a scooping the poop – no discussion it just gets done….. Until you partner tears their Achilles!

In the last four weeks, the pink AND the blue jobs have fallen into my hands.

Today, Sexy Neck even asked me to get up on the roof to clean out the gutters. WHAT? You have to do that! So, here goes the girl who does not like heights up onto the roof! Don’t worry I enlisted a five year olds help and Sexy Neck was supervising from the lawn.



Sexy Neck even gave me a compliment that I have never heard before and sealed it with a kiss: “Now that is a nice looking roof!”

I may have to get up there again next year!