Be Putting Sweat Equity into the Sideyard

Our house was a fixer-upper. A ‘major’ smoke-infested, 1960’s, pack rat treasure home.

We are proud owners of a fifty year old, well built house that has an incredibly large yard. The previous owner loved his wood, compost bins and other treasures. We have had the privilege of sorting and disposing of many of them.

On the weekend, Grandma and Papa came from VCity to help Sexy Neck with our sideyard ‘tidy up’.

I think the photos speak a thousand words:

Spring 2013 20140806-224136-81696526.jpg
August 2014




Removing rubbish.

Boys helping.

Wood border.

Papa’s strength.

Raking smooth.


Truckloads of rock.

Sweat equity.

Sideyard done!

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