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Be Reading Signs 

I haven’t laughed so hard… 

My dad and Sexy Neck were in the front of the van yesterday.  The road we were heading north on was closed due to a traffic accident.   

We spent over an hour on a road trip that could have taken twenty minutes, but oh was it a hilarious trip.  

Dad and Sexy Neck were on the top of their game reading EVERY SINGLE SIGN WE PASSED!   Have you ever noticed that ‘older’ men tend to do this?  I had NEVER noticed until I heard Sexy Neck explaim from the front seat, 

“I am officially ‘old’.  I am reading signs out loud as I drive. And they aren’t important signs.” 


Simple times.  

Out of routine.  

Shaking it up.

Sharing insight.  

Doing ‘normal’ things.  

Off to enjoy some pineapple… 

Be Putting Sweat Equity into the Sideyard

Our house was a fixer-upper. A ‘major’ smoke-infested, 1960’s, pack rat treasure home.

We are proud owners of a fifty year old, well built house that has an incredibly large yard. The previous owner loved his wood, compost bins and other treasures. We have had the privilege of sorting and disposing of many of them.

On the weekend, Grandma and Papa came from VCity to help Sexy Neck with our sideyard ‘tidy up’.

I think the photos speak a thousand words:

Spring 2013 20140806-224136-81696526.jpg
August 2014




Removing rubbish.

Boys helping.

Wood border.

Papa’s strength.

Raking smooth.


Truckloads of rock.

Sweat equity.

Sideyard done!

Be Wearing Purple

Sexy Neck agonized about his new purple shirt and tie. It was agonizing for me, anyways, watching him lay it out, try it on, switch ties…. You get the picture.

He does pull out his pink shirt for anti-bullying day, but purple on a regular work day? He wasn’t sure.

How blessed is he?

Sexy Neck walked into work and both, YUP BOTH, of the other administrators were wearing purple.

Not planned.

Pure coincidence.

Yup, that’s how we roll around here these days.

Encouragement around every corner, even when we take a risk and wear purple.

I think the secretaries are now organizing a “Mauve Monday” clothing day.

The verdict is out on how Sexy Neck will roll with that.

Be Salt of the Earth Friends

Often, I have described my friends as being the salt of the earth.

Tonight, these lovely people walked through my parents door. My dad was moved to tears.

He said definitively, “These people are salt of the earth people!”







Thanks to all my parents ‘salt of the earth’ friends! We love you deeply. Thanks for being here!





….and here’s some of my salt:


Be With One’s Kinsmen

Kinsmen = One of a person’s blood relations.

We have been fortunate to move to a city where many of my husband’s kinsmen live. These cousins are interesting, diverse, hilarious and extremely supportive. It also helps in the hand-me down and parenting department that they have older children. Yeah for great ‘experienced’ parents!

Last week, we asked the cousins to come over for a swim/sundae party with the ulterior motive that we needed a very heavy workbench moved out of the house.



Yesterday, three of the cousins joined me in doing two things I have always wanted to do: take a drawing course and visit a local lavender farm.







There is nothing like beautiful kinsmen in K-town. Thank you Jesus for supportive, open, family members.


Be A Man With A Workshop

Besides being incredibly handsome, my man is handy!  

For the past four years, we have lived in a house that we have been continually renovating – windows, roof, build a workshop, painting, garden, hedges, gates, these are just a few of the projects that we have done.

We are now renovating our new house BEFORE we move into it.  In the four years that we lived in the 29th Crescent house, Sexy Neck NEVER got to unpack his workshop.  The workshop was built last year, but due to continual renovations, he never took anything out of boxes.  

This week, Sexy Neck unpacked his boxes for his workshop.  You should have heard the excitement in his voice.  It truly was like a kid at Christmas.  

I am so proud of my husband for hiring someone to help with our renovations and now for taking the time to unpack his workshop.   AWESOME.  The three boys are going to love all the projects you can make together: bike stand, bird houses, planter boxes  just to name a few that the boys want to do with you! 

ImageSexy Neck’s workshop in the garage