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Be Five

The days are sometimes long but the years are very short.

Five years ago, CC was born. This athletic, witty, smart, wondrous boy came into our family in the water on a Thursday just before lunch.

Today, full of gratitude for life, we celebrate five years with CC. He gets to choose what we eat: waffles, then Japanese food for lunch and frittata for dinner. Plus a birthday cake with vanilla icing. Decorated with a few surprises on top!

The planning started many weeks before. Here is our oldest and Sexy Neck creating a bed for CC’s teddy bear from scrap wood:


Sexy Neck created another masterpiece:










It was a water-filled birthday!

Be Beauty

I have been overwhelmed with coincidences – butterflies and snow anyone?

I have been blessed with prophetic women.

Now I am blessed with both – prophesy and coincidence. I don’t think I am getting up off the floor anytime soon. Sorry if I don’t respond to emails!

A week ago I asked my A friend from Atown if her daughter would draw a picture for our family. I had heard that this wonderful child has gifts that go beyond understanding. I don’t exactly know what my friend said to her daughter, but this is what she drew:

A told me about the significance of the colours from a prophetic art book. I told her that mom was talking about water when she was in hospice and the fact that a few days ago Sexy Neck had picked up mom’s ashes that were in a box.

Scroll back to the girl’s picture and sit with what I just told you. Woah!

But, of course, that is not the end of the story.

Sexy Neck and I were sitting on the couch talking about mom and life when I received the text with the picture from A. She had read my post about grief being like waves and decided to send it immediately.

After I showed Sexy Neck the text, and responded to A, I looked over at the memory tree from mom’s celebration of life. This Douglas fir had cards where people wrote down memories of mom.

I am not sure who drew this, but take a look:

Woah! Dude!

I want to share some brilliant and inspiring words at this connection between the word beauty and the parallel pictures, but really I am just gobsmacked!

God is connecting the dots for me when I can’t even put one foot in front of the other without help.

Glory to Him.

Be With One’s Kinsmen

Kinsmen = One of a person’s blood relations.

We have been fortunate to move to a city where many of my husband’s kinsmen live. These cousins are interesting, diverse, hilarious and extremely supportive. It also helps in the hand-me down and parenting department that they have older children. Yeah for great ‘experienced’ parents!

Last week, we asked the cousins to come over for a swim/sundae party with the ulterior motive that we needed a very heavy workbench moved out of the house.



Yesterday, three of the cousins joined me in doing two things I have always wanted to do: take a drawing course and visit a local lavender farm.







There is nothing like beautiful kinsmen in K-town. Thank you Jesus for supportive, open, family members.


Be Open

Today I am trying to be open!

Open to new possibilities with my family.

Open to new people and new places.

Open to moving my family of five 60 kilometers down the lake.

Last week, I had the most incredible moment of being open.

This thought gets me through today.

Today I want to cry, weep, pound my fists and dig my feet into my current soil.

Today I want to stay.

But last week I experienced the most glorious moment of openness. This moment propels me forward into the unknown.

Here was that moment:

Every morning I try to have a quiet time with My Father. To pray, write down what I am thankful for, to read His word and to know Him more. I love this time because it sets the tone for my day and makes more aware of certain things during the day. Last Thursday, I read a certain scripture and immediately a picture formed in my mind. (Take note, that I am not an artist nor a drawer, really my skill set is Kindergarten colouring!).


This is not the end of the story, though, because soon two little boys joined me at the table and share in the openness I received.


This all occurred before 7:30 in the morning. Not bad for a night hawk!