Be Five

The days are sometimes long but the years are very short.

Five years ago, CC was born. This athletic, witty, smart, wondrous boy came into our family in the water on a Thursday just before lunch.

Today, full of gratitude for life, we celebrate five years with CC. He gets to choose what we eat: waffles, then Japanese food for lunch and frittata for dinner. Plus a birthday cake with vanilla icing. Decorated with a few surprises on top!

The planning started many weeks before. Here is our oldest and Sexy Neck creating a bed for CC’s teddy bear from scrap wood:


Sexy Neck created another masterpiece:










It was a water-filled birthday!

3 thoughts on “Be Five”

  1. Hey JoHappy 5th birthday Colby. In the one picture with Colby brushing his teeth, is the sink totally overflowing, or are my old eye deceiving me?Hope you guys are enjoying the heat.Pam Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2014 13:49:02 +0000 To:

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