Be Open

Today I am trying to be open!

Open to new possibilities with my family.

Open to new people and new places.

Open to moving my family of five 60 kilometers down the lake.

Last week, I had the most incredible moment of being open.

This thought gets me through today.

Today I want to cry, weep, pound my fists and dig my feet into my current soil.

Today I want to stay.

But last week I experienced the most glorious moment of openness. This moment propels me forward into the unknown.

Here was that moment:

Every morning I try to have a quiet time with My Father. To pray, write down what I am thankful for, to read His word and to know Him more. I love this time because it sets the tone for my day and makes more aware of certain things during the day. Last Thursday, I read a certain scripture and immediately a picture formed in my mind. (Take note, that I am not an artist nor a drawer, really my skill set is Kindergarten colouring!).


This is not the end of the story, though, because soon two little boys joined me at the table and share in the openness I received.


This all occurred before 7:30 in the morning. Not bad for a night hawk!

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