Be a Leaf Gatherer

You know that I love trees, but for the past two weeks, I have been secretly cursing our HUGE maple, walnut, cherry and two apricot trees because my husband is lying on the couch with a surgery attached Achilles tendon.

Guess who is raking all the leaves this year? Moi, me, meine! But not only is raking the leaves on my mind this year, I am also taking care of 3 children 5 and under as well as being the hands and driver for my crutch using, boot wearing husband!

I was overwhelmed with my leaves, until two magnificent women came into my life… today my 69 year old mom and our neighbour came over to rake up all the beautiful leaves… and yes they were beautiful again once they were all lined up and waiting for the next snowfall.


Thanks fellow leaf gatherers. “Air hugs!” (As my oldest son calls them!)

Be a Tree Hugger

Every single place I have lived and loved has had fabulous trees! There is something about old gnarled trees with leaves floating along their branches. The beauty of how trees shelter us in the summer and then lose their leaves so that we can get more sun in the winter.

As humans, we try to make things “straight”. Our homes have 90 degree walls, our mattresses, coffee tables, shelves and chair have them too! We like things smooth and straight.

I often do this with my situations and relationships, I like them to go in a particular way, I don’t enjoy any rough edges. Sometimes, I feel very uncomfortable.

But, God created the things of this earth crooked, bend, gnarled and beautiful. I need to strive to be more like our trees in our backyard – knowing I am God’s creation, perhaps “imperfect” in the world’s eyes, but beautiful! I need to trust Him more.