Be a Wo-Man

At our house we have stolen the term “blue jobs” and “pink jobs” from our friend Penny!

Sexy Neck and I used to have tension, well really we argued, about who should do what around the house. About ten years ago, we sat down and talked about what each of us liked to do then we divided up the “leftovers”. It is a great system to know who is making dinner, doing dishes and a scooping the poop – no discussion it just gets done….. Until you partner tears their Achilles!

In the last four weeks, the pink AND the blue jobs have fallen into my hands.

Today, Sexy Neck even asked me to get up on the roof to clean out the gutters. WHAT? You have to do that! So, here goes the girl who does not like heights up onto the roof! Don’t worry I enlisted a five year olds help and Sexy Neck was supervising from the lawn.



Sexy Neck even gave me a compliment that I have never heard before and sealed it with a kiss: “Now that is a nice looking roof!”

I may have to get up there again next year!

Be a Dough Eater

This is a little post for my dear friend Ang, who would never, ever eat cookie dough!

I absolutely love cookie dough, even more than eating a baked cookie.

Yes, I do know that there is raw eggs in the dough, but I figure that certain people eat cupfuls of raw eggs, so it must be okay. At least I include a little butter, sugar, flour, and other things with my raw eggs.

My boys have learned to love to bake with me. I never really baked until I had children, well I never really cooked to tell you the truth! I heated things up.

Now, when I tell my boys that we are going to make cookies, muffins, popcorn they come running, grab their stokke chairs and push them up to the counter. Our middle guy CC is beside the fridge grabbing the milk, eggs, and butter and our big boy is beside the bowl getting ready to add the dry ingredients. It is an amazing time! They take turns mixing and, of course, when it is all done, they each take turns have a taste of the cookie dough. They take licks of the beaters, they sneak their fingers into the dough and they even get spoonfuls sometimes.

We were surprised the other day when our youngest, non-walking baby boy, climbed up, pushed his way between his two big brothers and reached for the dough.


Yes, Ang, we start them young around here!