Be a Saturday Night Hair Styler

I have never really “done my hair”. Yes, I have had it cut, coloured and styled at the hair dresser, but besides perhaps adding some sort of hair product and blow drying my hair and perhaps even combing it, that’s all folks!

A couple of weeks ago, I got my hair cut from a wonderfully beautiful and young hairdresser. She spent 3 hours on my hair. Yes, 3 hours! 3 whole hours to myself reading magazines, chatting and I even got a nice hot cloth to wipe my hands and some beautiful cream to put on afterwards. Anyways… so in those three hours, she cut, shampooed, dried, straightened and styled my hair.

Last Saturday night I was inspired, I decided to relive the teenage years that I had heard about, doing your hair on a Saturday night. I had spent my teenage years playing sports or watching a video with a big group of friends. Hair styling never.

This was a first for me. Enjoy the fun!



Hey, what is going on?



Oh my, what did I do? Back to the regular Saturday night programming!


My oldest did walk in at one point and say, “Mommy you look beautiful!”. Thanks darling.