Be Reading Signs 

I haven’t laughed so hard… 

My dad and Sexy Neck were in the front of the van yesterday.  The road we were heading north on was closed due to a traffic accident.   

We spent over an hour on a road trip that could have taken twenty minutes, but oh was it a hilarious trip.  

Dad and Sexy Neck were on the top of their game reading EVERY SINGLE SIGN WE PASSED!   Have you ever noticed that ‘older’ men tend to do this?  I had NEVER noticed until I heard Sexy Neck explaim from the front seat, 

“I am officially ‘old’.  I am reading signs out loud as I drive. And they aren’t important signs.” 


Simple times.  

Out of routine.  

Shaking it up.

Sharing insight.  

Doing ‘normal’ things.  

Off to enjoy some pineapple… 

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